Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wow, time flies!

I realized that I created a blog a few years ago and basically left it at that. I need a place to record all the cute things my kids do. Growing up, I always kept a journal, so I think I will try to treat this as a new journal!

So what has changed since I started this blog? EVERYTHING! 2011 was a year of newness. Here is the year in quick review!

I started a new position at work in January of 2011. I finally feel fulfillment and accomplishment in what I do at work. We also sold our house and moved into a small rental at the end of January.

We celebrated 4 years of marriage in February.

In April, we recieved our second blessing- Bridget Nadine Tyler was born! She arrived about 2 weeks early on April 25.

We broke ground on our new house in May.

Chloe turned 3 in October.

We moved into our new house the last week of November. Moving twice in one year is NOT fun.

We survived a lot in 2011! We handled all the stress and change amazingly well.

I look forward to 2012. This blog will probably be boring for people other than me, but I want a place to store my memories with the kiddos.

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