Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bum leg

The last few blog posts have started off with..."well, I haven't been here for a while" or something similar.  It has been a rough couple of weeks and I quite frankly just haven't had the energy to blog.  Cause you know, sitting at my keyboard typing is really hard.

It's kind of funny reading my last two blog posts as I feel they kind of lead into what is plaguing me right now.  I had posted at my last half about how bad my left leg hurt during the race.  And then my last blog was about me resting since my body was aching in places that it hadn't before.  Which all leads to my bum leg story...

On July 1, I woke up with horrible pain in my left hip.  Horrible.  I went to the chiro and he adjusted me and I felt slightly better but not much.  The girls each had friends over on Saturday and we went bowling, but I sat out as my hip was in so much pain.  I remember waking up that Saturday night in intense pain, hobbled down the hall and took a handful of Tylenol.  I took it easy all day Sunday but was still in a lot of pain. 

Monday was the 4th of July and I am on the town committee that puts on a big 4th celebration.  I got there Monday morning to help decorate and realized my left big toe was now hurting in addition to my hip.  It was a weird pain and I hobbled around setting up.  The big event was Monday night and I was on my feet a lot.  By the time fireworks started, I couldn't even hardly stand.  I tried to help clean up/tear down, but at that point the pain was almost unbearable and they forced me to go home. 

I woke up Tuesday and called the chiro immediately.  He treated my hip pain but was at a loss about my foot pain.  Wednesday morning my foot was throbbing and very swollen, so he told me to call my doctor.  I couldn't even wear a shoe!  I went to the doctor and she said it sounds like either gout or a hairline fracture.  She treated it like gout to see if that would fix the problem.  I got a painful steroid shot and was put on prednisone.  The shot offered some relief and I felt better Thursday.

But by Friday, the pain was back.  It was a long and painful weekend with a lot of throbbing foot pain and my knee was starting to feel numb as well.  I called the doctor first thing Monday and they sent me in for a foot x-ray.  I hobbled around all day Monday and Tuesday and the swelling came back and now both my foot and knee were aching.  The x-ray came back negative, so they gave me another steroid shot and sent me in for an MRI on my foot.   At this point, my knee is now the more painful joint.  The MRI showed nothing (of course).

Friday was an okay day and I was looking forward to a weekend with friends at the lake.  The girls were with my parents and we were with 3 other couples.  Friday night my knee and calf started to swell and I was in a lot of pain again, but it was manageable.

But...I woke up Saturday morning around 4am in the worst pain yet.  I could not get comfortable and moved around the cabin from sofa, to chair, to recliner and back to bed.  I took a pain pill and was able to sleep from about 6-8.  When I woke up at 8, the pain was horrible and I literally could not walk on that leg.  I couldn't put any pressure on my foot at all.  My knee was even more swollen than in the picture above.

Jeff and my friends insisted I go to the ER.  We got there a little before 9.  I should have ate, but didn't.  They admit me and I wait for the doctor.  I see him, he orders blood work, an IV and an entire leg x-ray.  They start to take me to X-Ray and then realize they need a pregnancy test before they will x-ray my hip, so I had to pee in a cup and go back and wait for the results.  And then the ER got busy.  I had a young girl with seizures and a possible heart attack guy both get checked in and out while I was waiting (he didn't have a heart attack).  They kind of forgot about me (I was low priority) but laying with my leg straight out on the hospital bed was horrible.  I finally got a nurse and asked for a way to prop up my leg and to see if I could get pain meds.  The pain meds helped a lot and I napped off and on for the next few hours.  The x-ray, blood work and urine all came back fine- they said it definitely was not gout, blood clot, infection, etc.  So the doctor wanted to get the joint fluid to test it.  They stuck a huge needle in my leg and sucked out healthy joint fluid.  Which is a good thing, but they cant figure out what the heck is wrong!! 

The ER doc said I need to go see a rheumatologist but my regular doctor has to refer me.  So Monday morning, I call the doctor and they don't freaking call me back with a referral until Thursday!!  And I cant get in until August 10th.

So, where I am at right now- the swelling is staying down somewhat, but I am in a lot of pain.  The mornings are the worst and I typically wake up every morning in bad pain and barely able to walk.  However, the more I stay active, the better it seems to feel, at least for that day.  They have no clue what is wrong but think it is something auto immune.

It's not a fun waiting game.  I am itching to get back to running and working out.  This sucks.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mini Vacation

So, I disappeared again for a while.  Just when you think life should slow down, it picks right back up.  I haven't really run since my Hospital Hill Race.  I was starting to feel pain and soreness where I haven't had issues before, and since we are in the middle of a heat wave, I decided to take it easy for a few weeks.  I knew I was taking a short family vacation so I figured it would be a good time to take a break.

I have been tracking my macros and that has been really good.  I had lost about 4-5 pounds, but don't worry- I found them all back again while on vacation!  I went a little crazy with eating and ate way too much junk.  And I feel the after affects- I am bloated and my bowels aren't the happiest. 

We started off our family trip with a work trip.  My work was celebrating it's 100 anniversary and so they planned a family weekend at a lake resort, called Tan-Tar-A on the Lake of the Ozarks (or as Bg called it "Tim and Tara's". 

We checked in Friday night and had a Taste of Missouri dinner, where Mo Beef, Pork, Lamb, Dairy, wine, corn, etc were all featured.  It was FABULOUS.  Dinner was followed by a show by Vocal Trash.  They were awesome and my girls absolutely loved it.  Saturday morning the employees did local community service.  I was assigned the mess hall at 4-H Camp along with 4 other coworkers.  I thought I volunteered for the nasty grunt job (the bathroom), but after I started, I realized I has the best job- the bathroom was air conditioned and the mess hall wasn't!  Ha ha.  Don't worry, I did go out and mop the mess hall after and worked up a huge sweat.  It was actually a lot of fun with coworkers and I am glad we did it, as I have very fond memories of 4-H camp.

The company rented out a go-cart park for the afternoon but unfortunately my girls were still just a little too young to enjoy it (plus the heat was awful), so we went back to the pool which had a great slide.  Saturday night the kids went off to a kids camp and the adults had a very nice dinner with an excellent speaker from the Air Force.

Sunday morning was breakfast and then we left the resort and headed to Branson.  We stopped to eat at my mom's favorite place for ice cream- Braums.

We spent the rest of the trip playing at Silver Dollar City and swimming at the hotel pool.  My girls had a lot of fun at SDC and Chloe was able to lead us around the park with a map the entire time (she is map obsessed).  She only crashed into a few things.

Playing dead.

Stuck in jail

We also went to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede.  The show was great and the food was excellent.

We came back Tuesday for Chloe's final softball game.  She loved the season and her team went undefeated!  She had a rough night and didn't play as well as previous games and got pretty upset with herself, but we thought she did great!

I absolutely LOVE this picture!  She has grown up with these 4 girls and it was a fun coincidence that they are all on the same team.  With the exception of 1 of them, they all go to the same school and will always be classmates.

I plan to take the rest of the week off of running/working out, as we are still trying to recover from vacation/softball/heat wave. 

Life is good.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hospital Hill Race Recap and where I have been

I haven't posted for two weeks!  Yes, I am still alive and no, nothing is the matter.  Just life gets in the way...

So, I did a half marathon over the weekend.  It was kind of a last minute sign up b/c I had my race comped by Team Beef, because I worked the Expo for them.

I worked the Expo on Friday and got to wander around it a bit.  It was a good expo, it wasn't packed and there were a variety of vendors.  I got some Gu's and a cute Royal's tank.  Packet pick up was super easy and organized.  However, I was supposed to have my bib number emailed to me prior to the expo and it wasn't.  You had to know that to pick up, so I had to go search for it posted on the wall, but it wasn't hard.  I loved the shirts we got- long sleeve, half zip tech.

I was told at the Expo to expect my time to be about 5-10 minutes below average race speeds since it is such a hard course.  I wasn't feeling my mental game the best, but I figured I should shoot for a 2:10.

I stayed the night at my parents on Friday night, so I could cut about 30 minutes off my drive and so Jeff could work (my parents watched the girls).  I was pretty worn out Friday for some reason, so I should have taken that as a sign for race day.  Here is a picture of me the night BEFORE the race...
I already look like I ran the race! 

I also discovered I forgot my headphones.  The horror.

Anyway, I left my parents around 5:30 Saturday morning to allow myself time to get a coffee (my parents don't drink coffee...they are crazy!) and to make a bathroom pit stop if needed (it was needed).  I arrived at the race around 6:30 and found a great parking spot about a quarter of a mile from the start of the race.  And, this race started right by Union Station which happened to have nice indoor bathrooms!  Always a perk.

It had rained about an hour before so it was already humid and hot.  I ran into my super speedy friend T-Dog, we wished each other luck and got in place for the race. 

The race started off uphill.  I felt okay for about the first mile before I started having pain around my left knee.  Uh-oh.  The first 3 miles were extremely hilly and I knew at mile 2 that this was going to be a struggle for me.  The pain in my left knee progressively got worse.  I often have ITB pain but can always run my way out of it.  But this pain was not going away.  I had to walk up a hill around mile 3 (yes, I walked in the first quarter of the freaking race!). 

The hills calmed down a little and I did okay until about mile .  And my left knee started buckling.  I have never had my knee buckle like that and the pain was pretty bad.  I walked/ran the rest of the race.  I actually did okay on the uphills and ran up most of them, but the downhills were horrible.  I couldn't run for more than about 30 seconds at a time.

The bad thing about not having headphones was hearing the chatter around me.  I could hear two old guys talking about how hard the course was coming up and how the hills suck, blah blah blah.  I about turned around and told them to be quiet!!!  I did not need their negativity.

I took a Gu around mile 4 and then again around mile 8.  I didn't take any more as I actually had plenty of energy.  My lungs and about 90% of my body felt great.  Just my left knee couldn't hang.

I walked/run mile 11 with a guy who was also having some struggles.  I told him at this time in my race two weeks ago, I was finished with the race.  He said he normally would be as well, but he was having a hard time as well.  He said he has run a ton of races and Hospital Hill is by far the hardest. 

I am not sure what my face looked like but around mile 12 a concerned cop asked if I was okay.  I laughed and told him I was great! 

Finally the finish line was in sight.  I refuse to walk the finish so I took off.  Like I said earlier, I had plenty of energy.  And sprinting down the straightaway, the pain finally went away.  I flew in faster than I have ever finished, but it was still a pretty pathetic race. 

Phone Splits:

Official race time was 2:20:14 which is a 10:45 average.  My 3rd slowest race and my slowest this year by far.  I placed 1328/1220, females 605/1214 and 118/212 in my age group, which is the worst places I have ever had.

My left knee hurt the rest of the day.  My blisters had a few babies.  I decided to splurge on some Yogurtini after the race, only to find out Yogurtini doesn't open till 11!!! 

As far as half's for the spring, I am done.  It was HOT and I want to concentrate on speed and strength the next few months.  I have decided to hire my nutrition coach as a running coach as well.

She also adjusted my macros to help me lose the last 5 pounds.

1550 calories
P: 125
F: 50

So, what have I been up to??  We celebrated Memorial Day at the lake.  It was wonderful!!!  The weather was perfect.  We had friends down with us and the kids played great.

 Chloe had her first softball game last week ( I am assistant coach).  They did well but did lose.  Chloe has good running form:

We have been spending time swimming at the Country Club pool which is so nice!  I love there is no crowds and I have gotten a lounge chair each time!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Race Photos, Gu's and Sad News

Race photos have been posted!  I normally HATE my race photos but these aren't too bad.  I don't look like I am dying.

This picture reminded me I didn't talk about Gu's in my race recap.  I typically do the Gu chews, as I hate the thickness/sliminess of the gels.  Now mind you, I never actually TRIED a gel during a race but I had before a race and it kind of grossed me out.  But I realized the night before my race that I didn't have any chews.  But I did have some gels, so I thought I would give them a try.  And honestly I don't even think they were all actual Gu brand.  I had two strawberry bananas and one just plain strawberry which was a different brand.  Anyway, I decided to take my first gel around mile 4 (while walking up that big hill!).  Instead of sucking it down all at once, I just squeezed it and got a little out at a time and it wasn't too bad that way!  And I am not struggling to chew up a large chew while gasping for breath (and I was gasping while trying to get up that hill!).  But the downside...it was pretty thin consistency (which goes down pretty easy) and I got some on my hands and had sticky hands for a bit.  At the next water station I used my cup of water to wash it off.  Around mile 7 I took the other brand which was just plain strawberry.  It was much thicker so I didn't get it on my hands, but I still think I prefer the thinner consistency.  I took about 5 minutes to suck it down and timed it pretty well to wash it down at the next water station.  I took my 3rd gel around mile 10 ish.  I was back to the thinner one this time and did much better about not getting it all over my hand.  I think I MAY be a gel convert now.  Even if I feel like I am breathing well, eating those large chews can be a bit difficult.

I have REALLY REALLY REALLY sensitive eyes, so you wont see me running without my big sunglasses.  I am too cheap to buy a good running pair.  I get mocked for my sunglasses obsession.

As I came to the finish line, there were two gals in front of me and I cant let them beat me, so I sprinted the last 100 yards, so I got a pretty good picture of me storming the finish line.

So, our sad news.  Our pig Peppa passed away Tuesday.  I checked on her Monday afternoon and she didn't seem the best, but when I got home Monday evening, she was out and about.  I took that as a good sing.  Tuesday morning she was out of her hog hut and was walking around again, which was strange, as she hasn't been getting up much lately.  I took that as a really good sign!  Jeff went down to look at her and said that even though she was up, she was a lot more wobbly than before and he thought she looked worse.  But he is a pessimist and I am an eternal optimist, so I thought it was a good sign that she was up.  But when Jeff got home Tuesday afternoon, she was down and couldn't get up.  He tried to get her up and she wouldn't even fight it and he was able to easily pick her up (which is a bad sign).  The vet said there was nothing more to do, so we had to put her down. Luckily the girls took it okay and we are going to wait a week or so to make sure there isn't any disease in our pen and maybe get Bg a new pig. 

We were going to take our pigs to a show on Monday but there are some pig viruses going around and I don't want to expose my pigs to anything else so we aren't going. 

We are going to the lake on Friday night and will stay till Sunday evening. 

I am doing well with my macros, but still seem to have some stomach troubles so I am not seeing results this week, which is frustrating with bikini season two days away!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Go Girl Half Marathon- Columbia Race Recap

Saturday morning was the most beautiful day for a race ever!  The sun was shining and it was a cool 50-60 degrees during the race.

Since the race was just a little over an hour away, we drove down that morning.  My friend Somer, Amanda and her sister Beth all came along.  They did the 5K while I did the half.

My stomach was NOT feeling good Saturday morning.  I was able to eat my 2 peanut butter poptarts, but I felt very crampy.  I chugged some pepto and downed the coffee hoping to get some stuff moving through me.  We made a pit stop on the way there and I finally got some stomach relief (sorry, TMI).

We got there around 6:30am.  It was downtown Columbia with several parking garages and lots, so we parked right next to the starting line (NICE!!).  We checked in and the race began!

I had my goal of 2 hours but was feeling pretty negative mentally.  My stomach was having a few issues, my left IT band was hurting and I knew this course would be a lot of hills.

And the hills delivered.  We started off going uphill for the 1st half mile.  It was rolling hills for probably the 1st half of the course.  We started off through downtown Columbia, through the University of Missouri campus (my favorite place!), around the stadiums and then hit trails and neighborhoods for the rest of the race. 

I ran a pretty decent pace the first 3 miles and then hit a BIG hill.  I ran the 5K at this event last year and we started on this hill and it was a struggle then.  It was even more of a struggle after running almost 4 miles of hills already.  And...I walked up half the hill.  It made me feel better that others were walking too but I hate walking within the first 4 miles!!

Once I made it to the top of the hill, everything was much easier the rest of the race.  My stomach settled down and the hills were less steep.  The trails were pretty.  It amazes me that I lived in Columbia for 4 years, less than a mile from some of these trails and had no clue they existed! 

After each hill, my left knee would about give out for a few seconds.  I could tell my IT band was super tight and I was very nervous that my knee was going to collapse on me.  But it would only last a few seconds each time and only after hard hills. 

My friends were at around mile 12.5 cheering me on.  I really needed them at that point as my feet were really starting to hurt.  The bad thing about trail races is there isn't good places for people to watch and this was a small race anyway, so not a lot of spectators.

I truly thought I was on track to beat 2 hours.  My GPS chimed at 13 miles and I was at 1:58.  But I couldn't see the finish line.  I sped up and realized I had to go around an entire block to get to the finish line.  I was so upset!  When I realized the finish line wasn't where I thought it should be, I had a major negative reaction and pretty much stopped.  Then my brain told my body not to wimp out, so I kicked it in.  I finished hard and passed two people in the last seconds. 

I actually beat my friends back to the finish line from where they were, but I had another friend there (who is very speedy) and she was at the line and cheered me on.  There were also two other Team Beef members that finished just ahead of me, so we all got a photo together.

I went and got a massage right away.  I thought my left knee was about to collapse walking away from the finish line.  I wasn't sore, but my knee was just tight tight tight.  The massage lady couldn't believe how tight my IT band was and she worked on it for quite a while- OUCH! 

After my massage, I went over to get my official results: 2:02:10.  A PR, but I was SO disappointed.  I really thought I had the 2 hours beat.  My GPS showed me going 13.34 miles, so almost an entire quarter mile further.  Not sure if that is accurate, but it really threw me off.

My feet blistered really badly during the race.  My legs (except for the IT band) felt strong and my lungs were good.  If this had been a flatter course I know I would have broke 2 hours.

After the race, we walked up to a Jamba Juice (YUM!) and then went and ate lunch at a local pizza joint, Shakespeare's Pizza.  Thankfully my stomach was feeling better at that point. 

I place 55th overall out of 352.

Age group was 13 out of 77.

If I had run the 5K, I would have placed 1st in my division- darn!

Here are my splits according to my phone:

There are a few negative splits there.  Dang mile 4 and mile 12. 

A HUGE medal:

Team Beef:

I look like a giant next to them.

Funny story.  Well, I guess it is only funny if you know my FIL.  He said to me, "I don't get why you do all these races.  You just lose them all and you aren't very fast!"  It sounds pretty harsh, but that is just the type of guy he is and it didn't hurt my feelings (b/c I do always lose).

Track and Field Day, Last Day of School and Sick Pig

Thursday was track and field day for the girls school.  I helped at the event, so I didn't get any pictures of them actually participating but hopefully some friends will share some pics!

Both girls did really well.  Chloe got 2 first places, 2 seconds and a third- she placed in all events!  I was pretty impressed that she beat all the boys in both running events!

Three legged race domination.  As you can see, they left everyone in the dust:

Top athletes and best friends!  I always think Chloe is tall until she is next to her friends.  I think she just looks taller than she is b/c she is so skinny.

Since Bg is in preschool, they don't do as many events and also didn't get individual awards.  But this competitive mama was watching and Bg did awesome and also got first place in all the running events.  They were pretty excited about the medals they received.

And not to be outdone, even I got a blue ribbon!  I had to fill in on the 3 legged race and my buddy Mathias and I creamed the competition!

Friday was the last day of school.  It was a short day with just chapel and an awards ceremony.  Preschool didn't get any awards, but Chloe got Excellence in Math, Reading and Excellent Attendance.  Her 3 best friends all got the good conduct award, but she didn't.  Great...do I have the onery one????

I tried to snap a good photo, but the girls were not making it easy.  I have no clue why Bg is making such a face!

I officially have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener!!!

We have a very sick show pig.  It breaks my heart.  We first noticed it getting sick last weekend.  I gave it a shot of a medicine called Ivomec on Monday.  Ivomec treats for intestinal parasites (like worms).  Since our pigs are on dirt, they tend to eat things which can cause worms.  I was hoping that would do the trick, but poor Peppa continued to decline.  The vet prescribed an antibiotic called Draxxon.  She still had some fight in her, as it was hard to get her down to get her the shot.  While giving her the shot, one of the other pigs came up and bit me on the hand!

She was still pretty lethargic so we called the vet again on Saturday.  He prescribed another antibiotic and a steroid to help her lungs.  He then gave me the bad news...if she isn't better by Monday (today), there really isn't anything else we can do.  He thinks she has pneumonia.  Last night she had perked up a bit but today doesn't look good.  We have been praying for her, but she just isn't getting better.  This is the hard part of farm life. 

Other exciting weekend things...

The girls stayed the night with friends on Friday night.  Jeff worked late, so I had several hours to myself.  So I mowed and did laundry.  Exciting stuff. 

I had my half marathon on Saturday- recap in another post.

Saturday I came home and dealt with a sick pig and a loose bull.  The bull belongs to a friend of ours who rents our neighbor's pasture.  I helped deal with him and he eventually got penned back up.

Jeff and I went to a coworkers wedding Saturday night.  She was a beautiful bride and we had a great time.

Sunday was church, I hosted a bridal luncheon at a local restaurant, had a graduation party and Chloe had softball practice.  She had a friend who goes to the same daycare stay the night last night, so it was a long day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Weekly Recap, Gravel Road Runs and IIFYM

I don't know what it is with my running lately but the last several runs have seemed to be a struggle. 

Monday I hit the gym.  I don't remember why (yes, it was just a week ago) but I didn't have my girls with me so I actually got to do my warm up run OUTSIDE!!!  You know I hate the treadmill so this made me really giddy.  I wanted to do it fast but it is pretty hilly around the gym and I am a hill wimp, so it wasn't as fast as I liked.  I had my course mapped out but encountered barking dogs almost right away.  Barking dogs wouldn't bother normal people, but they terrify chickens like me, so I was too scared to run by their house (even though I know they have one of those invisible fences), so I had to turn around and change my route.  Speaking of invisible fences, do dogs every run through it?  I would imagine so, as our pigs and cattle used to run through electric fences sometimes.  I am not taking the chance!  So I just did a mile warm up at a 8'19 pace.  I then did my weight training.

Tuesday my MIL picked up my girls so I could do a longer run.  I didn't have a ton of time, so I figured 6 miles would be good.  It was HOT and my cute little booty shorts kept riding up (yea, I wont wear those again for a run).  My goal was faster than race pace negative splits.  I started off strong (9'00, 8'40, 8'31") but mile 4 was a little rough.  I finished mile 4 and ended up walking the last mile with Somer.  1 mile short of my goal and rather slow.

Wednesday night I hit the gym and then took the girls to church.  My niece was umpiring at a softball game so I ran over there to cheer her on (the only ump with a fan base).  It was 1.12 miles there and I ran at a 8'10 pace.  I watched her for about 15 minutes and then ran back a different way.  1.44 miles at an 8'10 pace.

Thursday night I just played ball with my girls.

Friday night I had to mow and it takes all evening so no exercise.

I am the assistant coach for Chloe's softball team, so we had a 2 hour practice on Saturday.  Not the best cardio exercise but a little exercise.  After that the girls and I did a lot of yard work and planted all my outdoor pots.  We had friends over for dinner and cards Saturday night.

Sunday was a perfect day to run.  Sunny and 65 with a slight breeze.  I didn't want to waste time by driving all the way to town and back to run, so I foolishly decided to run on my gravel road.  Bg didn't want me to leave:

She was fine 30 seconds after I left.

So, gravel road running kinda sucks.  Part of the gravel road has a lot of loose rock, other parts is muddy ruts and a few parts are hard as a rock.  There is a lot of shaky footing.  The first mile felt great, which should have alerted me that something was off, ha ha.  Normally I struggle in mile 1 and it takes until about mile 3-4 until I get into a groove.  I did *okay* until about mile 3 and really felt like I needed to walk, so I did for just a bit.  Funny story, but I ran into this little town by my house.  This town is tiny, has no zip code and probably 15 houses total.  It's a bit of a redneck town.  Anyway, there was a pack of cigarettes on the ground that I could see had several cigarettes still in it.  I did a loop and met a guy on a 4 wheeler cruising town in his wife beater.  He got up to the cigs and it was like he hit the jackpot.  He gave me a questioning look and I told him they weren't mine, so he happily picked them up, lit one and took off.  It made his day.

I only walked a tiny bit and took off running again.  I felt like crap but kept giving myself short goals till I could walk but everytime I reached that point, I was able to go on.  Around mile 4 my back really started hurting ( it used to hurt everytime I ran but hasn't for a long time).  I stopped to walk around mile 4.5 b/c my back was really hurting.  I decided to enjoy the scene.  As I walked, my left IT band really started cramping and I had some pretty bad knee pain.  Dang gravel tearing me up.

Something about perfect corn rows gives me such a sense of peace and calmness.  I love the straight lines. 

At a little over 5 miles, I saw my happy family throwing rocks into the creek.  But what made me really happy was seeing the 4 wheeler- my IT band was throbbing at this point.  We have a pretty cool creek close to our house.  But it is also kind of a party spot for teens so that sucks a little.

I snapped this pic of the girls throwing rocks and didn't realize until later that it is a great butt shot of Jeff, ha ha.

My paces:
1- 9'26
2- 9'41
3- 9'45
4- 10'38
5- 10'28
.5- 66'57 (oops, forgot to shut off my app!).

I went to the chiro yesterday for my monthly appointment and he could instantly tell where my back had hurt.  He said that the loose rock causes my spine to really vibrate back and forth which causes the back pain.  He then had his massage lady work out my left IT band.  OUCH!  She was shocked at how tight both bands were, even though the right one wasn't bothering me.

I have been doing Flexible Dieting, IIFYM, Counting Macros (whatever you want to call it) with a coach for two weeks now.  I feel pretty happy with how close I am getting to the numbers each day.  She adjusted my carbs and fats this week (increased carbs and lowered fats) to better match my diet so that started yesterday.  I really feel like my stomach is flatter, I have lost about 2 pounds and definitely feel like my muscles are tighter.  But I don't feel like my pictures or measurements really reflect that much.  I cant wait to see what the next two weeks brings and look forward to working with her on a longer basis.

I have two upcoming races:
Go Girl Run in Columbia this Saturday.  This will definitely be a harder course than Lincoln but the weather looks to be much better and the field wont be anywhere near as crowded.  I don't feel real confident going into this race, but since my goals are always to improve, here they are:
AA: 1:97 (aa is always my probably unrealistic goal but I hope to get in the future)
A: 2:00- I am SO close and maybe running in my college town will give me an extra kick
B: 2:03:30- To beat my current PR
C: 2:07- This is a hilly course and I have felt tired lately, so hoping to at least finish in this time.

I signed up for the Hospital Hill half on June 4 yesterday.  I know this is two halves super close to each other, but since the Mo Beef Counsel is sponsoring it, I got a free entry for working the Expo, so a free race is a free race, right?  This race has the word HILL in it, so you can imagine what it is like.  Don't plan to PR in this one.