Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness!

Yes, March has been mad and I am not just talking basketball! We have done some more work on the house and finally have a back patio and front steps! I have all kinds of crazy organizing plans for the inside but doubt that will happen very quickly.

So, since it has been a while, I will do an update on us!

Chloe: Poor thing has had a rough winter. She just got over strep for the second time. She was sick off and on with high fevers for over a week. She was absolutely miserable, poor thing. But other than that, my baby girl (yes, I still call her that) is growing up. She remembers the craziest things and amazes us daily with her smarts and her observations. She is such a great big sister, but Bg is starting to be rather annoying and wont leave Chloe or her toys alone. Chloe loves to play outside, but lately has started to become a bit of a chicken. She can ride her bike so well and I hope we can remove training wheels this summer! She loves dance class, but doesnt always listen well or pay attention (hmmm...must be my kid!). She is growing taller and is so skinny. I will be glad when she can wear shorts so she doesnt look like she is wearing high waters all the time.

Bg: Oh boy, this one is going to be the onery one! She loves getting into things. And she knows that she is not supposed to. She somehow managed to get the baby gate down from the bottom of the stairs. And she is learning to now come down the stairs without rolling. She is starting to let go of things when standing for just a few seconds. She gives the best, open mouth, drooly kisses. She waves and says mama. She loves to rock in our little wooden rocking chair. She loves to mess with her sister. She has three teeth. And her 1st birthday is less than 6 weeks away!

Jeff and I: We hope to plant grass seed this weekend. I am trying to get back into running, but I am so out of shape! In my mind, I could easily just right back into it, but my body (especially my lungs) are not willing. I am trying to convince Jeff to let me get chickens but so far he says no. I am also trying to convince him to let me get a housekeeper. He says no, but I think I am going to fight this one. Well, no fighting, I am just going to do it! I would like to get a garden started, but we may just have too much going on this spring to do so. I am also trying to convince Jeff to play softball with me this summer. Wow, it sounds like I am constantly trying to convince Jeff to do stuff- talk about wife pressure! I am also tryig to become some Martha Stewart type or something. I love baking in my new kitchen and am going to get some cake decorating help from Aunt Elaine and Aunt Krissy!

The Tigers: Ha ha, I cant believe I am updating about them, but I am a nut. They won the Big 12 tourney, which is awesome, as we are leaving for the SEC. I was sad about the move, but I am irritated at the Big 12 for the way they have treated the players, so I am ready to kiss them goodbye and move on to bigger and better things. Mizzou is a second seed going into the big tourney, but they should have been a #1 seed. They finished the season ranked #3 in the nation. I am proud of these boys and sad that the season is coming to an end.

So that is a quick summary of what is going on.

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