Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The stomach flu hit our house last week. Hard. And it snuck in out of nowhere. I went from happily preparing pot roast to head in toilet in less than an hour. And when you have kids (one who is nursing) while you are sick, it just makes things that much worse. I did get a good chuckle (after the fact) once when I was puking. Chloe comes into the bathroom and asks, "Whatcha doing mom?" Like I could really answer. And then, "why are your glasses on the floor, here, put them on." And she tries to hand me my glasses as I have my head halfway into the toilet.

And of course, when mom gets sick, one of the kids has to get sick too. I got sick Tuesday night. I was looking forward to a recovery day at home on Wednesday, but Chloe started puking about 10 mintues after Jeff dropped her off at Miss Linda's. And when he brought her home, she proceeded to puke all over me. Three seperate times. I had one of those "you know you are mom when..." moments when Chloe is sitting on our brand new carpet and starts to heave. I stick my hands out and catch it. Gross, I know, but I didnt really want to try to clean puke out of brand new carpet either.

Chloe luckily got over her illness quickly. Mine however refused to let go and I was sick for 6 days. The good news was that I finally reached my goal weight! 125 pounds! Not quite the way I wanted to achieve it though.

Unfortunetly I was sick for our anniversary. Not that we would have done anything romantic anyway, but we had a nice home cooked dinner planned. Oh well, maybe next year.

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