Thursday, February 2, 2012


So could this February possibly start off any different than February of 2011?? Remember the blizzard? Well, yesterday was sunny and in the 60's. Chloe and Bg were able to play outside all afternoon. Chloe's legs are bruised black and blue- from falling out of trees, to tripping over twigs and falling down hills. But she is loving every minute of country living. And in our backyard is the most fun dirt pile ever!

But all this crazy weather gave me a nasty sinus infection. So while my children were outside delighting in the beautiful weather, I was inside sleeping. Poor me, but enough of my sob story.

We had a scare last night. Dad called around 9 and said mom had been having chest pains all day and went to urgent care after work. They did an EKG and said these scary words: Heart Attack. They gave mom some nitroglycerin and said get to a hospital. Dad rushed mom to the ER and they did another EKG, but these results were better and they werent sure about a heart attack. So mom was admitted and is undergoing tests today. My mom is way too young for this! She already yelled at me for harping on her about her diet, but she does need to take better care of herself. And I say this out of love. I want my babies to have the kind of relationship with their grandparents that I had with mine and that means no heart attacks!!

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