Tuesday, January 26, 2016

10K and self doubts

With my first 10K coming up, I really needed to get outside the gym and get some miles on the pavement.  Chloe had stayed the night with my parents on Friday night, so when I picked her up on Saturday, I took advantage of baby sitters and pretty snow/ice cleared roads (my parents live in town!).  Since I hadn't run more than 3 miles at a time in months, I wasn't very confident.  Plus, this was the coldest I had ever run in either.  I made sure to bundle up warm- a tank, tee, long sleeve, jacket and vest.  I also read a trick to keep toes warm- duct tape on your shoes!   I had on my hat and new Under Armor gloves and actually my core got too hot, while my face and butt froze.

It usually takes me a good mile to get into my groove while running.  The first mile is usually faster than the others, but I struggle with my breathing and my mental game.  Saturday was no exception.  I started off and while I felt good, my mind was playing games.  I was thinking, "there is no way I can do 6 miles.  Maybe I will only do 4-5.  I can walk in a bit."  I kept trying to refocus and it was actually almost mile 2 before I came into my groove.  I ran track and cross country in high school and we ran all over town.  I actually started to get nostalgic about old runs and also enjoyed running by old friends, boyfriends and classmates houses.  And then I decided to do something stupid.

Odessa has a big hill called Action Hill which was my nemesis in high school.  My coach used to torture us on this hill and even had people hide with video cameras to make sure we were really running this hill.  These pictures do not do the steepness of this hill justice.  Since I was out enjoying my run, I decided on my own to conquer this hill.  First time I have ever run it without being forced. 

I'd like to say I was able to run the entire thing, but I made it about half way up before I got to the steepest part and had to walk.  But I did it!  This hill was at about mile 3.  I got back to running as soon as I reached the top and was able to run the rest of the 6.24 miles feeling pretty good.  I did have some back pain which I was able to run through and around mile 5.5 my right IT band started acting up but nothing terrible.  I was pretty happy with my time since I was just out on my own with nothing pushing me and I had a few good size hills in the run.  I don't know why I have such bad mental games during my runs.  My body has surprised me several times this past year and is stronger than I think.

I also hired a personal trainer for a few weeks at the gym.  I want to maximize my time there and be doing the best workouts.  We did a personal assessment on Sunday.  Taylor (the trainer) took all my measurements and we did a skill assessment test.  I took a picture of my measurements and am kicking myself for not taking a picture of my skills.  I like to see where I start and where I finish, so I will have to get a copy of that.

For the skills, this is what I think I did:
1 mile run: 7:35
1 minute sit ups: 35
1 minute push ups: 30 (did about 30 seconds of regular then switched to my knees)
Plank: 1:30ish??
Curl hang (I am not calling this the right thing): 17 seconds
25 # weight hold: 30ish seconds?
Bench press: 75#?
Squat: 105#?
I also did a walk sit, but have no idea how long.

I have put on about 4-5 pounds over the winter.  I know it is a combo of cutting back miles and hopefully building muscle, but I hate seeing the number on the scale higher than 130.  I realize I shouldn't be so hung up on that and should be more concerned with the measurements.  Speaking of measurements, I am definitely NOT hourglassed shape, ha ha.  I even wore a padded sports bra and my chest is still 4" smaller than my hips!

I found this picture on pinterest last night.  Makes me feel a little better about weight gain:

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