Thursday, January 28, 2016

Resolution Fails and Sick Kids

Resolution fails....not me!  I am still going strong, but I am talking about other people.  My girls go to gymnastics on Tuesday nights.  The gym has a very small adult work out area with two treadmills and a few other gym basics.  I typically ran while the girls took class and was always the only one in the room. 

Until January.  Then the room was packed and I could never get a treadmill.  It was a little frustrating, as I was the ONLY person that I ever saw in there and now I couldn't work out while there.  I realize everyone else had the same right to them, but I still pouted about.  Especially when I saw people walking so slow they could text and play on their phones...but that is a whole other issue and makes me sound like a total work out snob, which I am not.  More power to them I guess!

But Tuesday night....I finally got a treadmill!!!  The little gym was empty.  I guess people are giving up on the New Years resolutions.  I ran two miles and it was actually the easiest treadmill miles ever.  I get to watch the all the different groups of kids at the gym so that makes time go by better.

So Bg is battling a nasty nasty cold.  Bad colds suck for adults, but for a 4 year old they really suck.  It hurts her nose to blow it, she cant get the crap out of her lungs and has been miserable mainly at night.  I kept her home from school Monday, but sent her Tuesday.  When I picked her up Tuesday, she looked horrible but insisted she wanted to go to gymnastics.  She started crying about half way through class.  She woke up with a fever early early Wednesday morning, so I kept her at home Wednesday, where she proceeded to bounce off the walls all day!  Why is it that kids seem so sick at night but are fine during the day?  I sent her grumpy butt to school today but she wasn't happy to go.

For a sick kid, she is still awfully cute though...

I haven't been to the gym since Sunday and am having withdrawals!  I think I am becoming obsessed.  Jeff is working out of town and has left at 6am and hasn't returned till 8pm (bedtime for the girls), so it hasn't really worked.  I had a friend who was going to watch the girls after school last night while I worked out, but since Bg was sick, we stayed home.  Luckily my MIL is picking the girls up tonight so I can hit the gym hard!

There is a "challenge" at the gym each week.  I always do the challenge, but a lot of them are weight challenged and I am too wimpy to win those.  But this weeks challenge was designed with me in mind (not sure if that is a good thing or not), so I really feel a competitive desire to kick butt.  I plan to do the challenge tonight.  I luckily am no longer too sore from my hard weekend at the gym.

The Challenge:
Quarter mile run
15 push ups
15 sit ups
Repeat 4 times and record best time. 

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