Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Muscle weighing more than fat...

So, I have been attempting to be a beast at the gym lately.  I have had some good long gym sessions and am actually seeing some results.  I have, drumroll please, a small bicep!  Yep, there is definitely a tiny little bump.  I am awfully proud of that little bump!

But, on another note, the weight on the scale keeps creeping up!  I have known my whole life that muscle weighs more than fat, but I am not sure if I am seeing any more muscle definition than in my arm and I feel the weight I have gained is too much.  However, my pants still fit, so I guess that is a plus.  I am up about 6 pounds than I was when I first joined the gym. I know it is just a number, but I like keeping that number below a certain point and it is about 3 pounds higher than I want to be.  I probably am not burning as many calories as when I ran all the time plus just normal winter eating, so I know those are both factors.

I may have to cut back on the gym slightly for the next few weeks as the location right now isn't letting kids in.  I understand why so I am not upset, but it does make it very hard for me to get a workout in when I cant bring the girls.  I live too far out in the country to go home and come back once Jeff gets home and same goes for in the morning.  Luckily the gym is moving to a bigger location in February and will have a kids room!  Yay!!!

I am running my first 10K on February 6 so I should be hitting the pavement, but it has been very cold (like high's in the single digits) and icy, so I have stuck to the gym.  I try to run far on the treadmill, but I HATE it so much!

Sunday Chloe was invited to a birthday party for 2 hours so I had two hours to kill and spent them at the gym.  Monday I was off so I took the girls to my MIL's and spent about 1.5 hours at the gym.  With the bad weather last night, Jeff picked the girls up from school, so I again got some alone gym time!  That may be the last time I can get in until this weekend though!

Sunday- 1.5 miles on the treadmill until I died of boredom
Monday- total of 3 miles, 2 for warm up and 1 for cooldown
Tuesday- 1 mile

I read an interesting article in Shape Magazine about how running outdoors in cold weather (anything under like 65) is really good for fat burning.  Even better than running in hot weather.  Interesting.

Also read that the workout leotard is BACK!!!  For only $205,everyone can see my extra thick areas, yay!  Think of the money I will save on pants!

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