Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 Goals

So, we are 12 days into the New Year and I haven't posted anything!  Quick recap of the New Year, along with some resolutions.

We had a blast ringing in the New Year.  We had a few other couple friends over with their kids to play cards.  The kids played well, the adults played...not so well!  Ha ha, the girls played the guys in pitch and usually the girls dominate, but not that night!  Oh well, we will get them next time. 

We didn't have a white Christmas, but we had a white New Year.  I did a 6 mile run/walk with my friend Meghan and unfortunately we encountered a lot of this:

We did a lot of slipping and sliding!

The girls enjoyed a break, but I was glad to get back into our school routine.

We had a last family Christmas over the weekend and we had 6 house guests- 4 of them were girls under the age of 10!  My girls are lucky to have fun cousins so they had a blast.  My house made it through still standing, so I call that a success.  My Granny wanted a family picture of us, so here is the  best we got:

Being an insecure woman, I over scrutinized the pictures and although I know I am not fat, I had to pick the one that made me look the least fat.  Why do we do things like that to ourselves???

Going into my 2016 resolutions, I guess I should make better self worth be one, but it's not making the list this year.

  • Resolution 1- Spend more time in the word of God.  I have found a new Bible study I shared previously and also lined up an accountability partner to keep me on track.  I have done daily Bible reading, but I am not good at reflection.  My goal is to be a little more mindful of my prayers and focusing more on God's will for my life.
  • Resolution 2- A year of NO'S with no guilt.  After a crazy year with work and extra curriculars/volunteering, I am cutting back.  If asked to coach a kids ball team, NO!  If asked to be an officer of an organization, NO!  I really want to focus on running this year and need to eliminate some of the distractions and time eaters.  I already have said that I am not going to direct the children's Easter musical this year (although I will still do Christmas), as I already teach a Children's class at church.  This is hard for me to do with no guilt, as I feel like I am letting people down and I also like to be in control of things, but I am tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed.  I want to spend more time with my family as a mom and not as a teacher/coach/director, etc/
  • Resolution #3-Running goals: I have three!  First is to do a half marathon under 2 hours.  Next is to do a 5K in less than 25 minutes and the third is to run 1000 miles in 2016.  My running friends and I have created an excel spreadsheet to track our miles for the year and to keep each other accountable towards reaching our goals.
I had a 4th but I already broke that.  I resolved to never wear actual pants again.  Running tights, yoga pants and leggings were all I planned to wear.  Until I had to go on a farm visit and had to wear jeans.  Only made it about 7 days into the New Year.  I will try better next year.

Oh, and I am not officially a sponsored runner!  I am on Missouri Team Beef!  I got my cool little red jersey (that I have NO pants to match) in the mail this week. I cant wait to represent them.  And to shop for matching pants, ha ha.

And for my 7 readers...what are YOUR 2016 resolutions/goals?

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