Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tough workout to end 2015!

I copied a workout from another blogger that I have been wanting to try for a while.  It says to do 4-6 times, but it totally kicked my butt.  It took me almost an hour to do this 3 times and I was done.  Not to make excuses but I have a cold and I really need good lungs for this!

Run .5 miles (first .25 easy, 2nd .25 hard and fast)
1 minute narrow to wide jump squats
1 minute side switch planks (which I am not sure if I did right, as they seemed easy)
10 walk out pushups (yee-ow!)
45 second jumping lunges
30 second plank jacks (this burnt but in a good way).

I am not sure my time on the first half, but I hoped to jump right into the rest of my workout while my heartbeat was still high.  But....the girls were with me and Bg needed to poop right then and there and that always takes her forever, so my heart was back to normal when I started.  The jump squats killed me.  I am way too wimpy for that.  I really felt a burn doing the walk out push ups but it was a good burn.  My 2nd half mile was around 4:41 and my third was a bit faster. 

I got quite a bit of Christmas and birthday money and have been wanting a good GPS watch.  Something that does heart rate, elevations, GPS, etc.  But...I hate spending all my gift money on one thing!!  Not that I have many readers, but anybody have good recommendations?

These two guys are very dedicated- running outside in the cold in shorts!  It would be a nice day to run, but I would be dressed a little warmer!

I am starting a new Bible study/daily devotional tomorrow that I heard about on K-Love.  A friend from church is going to do it with me and we will be accountability partners!  I look forward to having a friend go through the Bible with me!

We are having a few friends over for a pitch (card game) party tonight with all the kids.  That way we don't have to worry about crowds and baby sitters.

Happy New Year!!

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