Thursday, December 3, 2015

Finally!!!! Back on the pavement!

It has been way too long since I have hit the pavement.  By the time I have Jeff home at night to possibly watch the girls, it has been too dark to run on my gravel roads (yes, I am a chicken) and definitely way too muddy.  Luckily I am able to take the girls with me to the gym so I have been stuck running on the treadmill.  I still HATE the treadmill and usually just do a mile while working on speed work.  I did chest day at the gym on Monday, ran at the treadmill 2 miles Tuesday night and then I got a miraculous phone call Wednesday- my MIL asked if she could pick up the girls from school.  And the sun was shining!  I didn't have my running shoes or really good colder weather clothes, but I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to run outside! 

I knew I had limited time due to church and darkness, so since I have an upcoming 5K, I wanted to make sure I could still do a 5K!  And I am proud to say, I can.  My body felt good and strong.  I ran up and down hills, so I have a variety.  My time for just a run around town unchallenged was decent as well.  My lungs weren't as strong as I hoped, but they never are.  I use an inhaler before races or long runs, and take O2 Gold, an Advocare supplement, and they do seem to help with my wimpy lungs.

I really like that mile 3 is faster than mile 1!  That is what I have been working on!

I apologize in a Advance for my crazy picture format.  Trying the new drag and drop and still figuring it out.

So, my December has already been crazy.  This is about the craziest time for me at work during the year and this year is about the busiest I have been.  I was worried that I would have a bad day, as this is how it started:

That is a truck and trailer blocking over half our work driveway!  Luckily I was able to squeeze in.  I had a coffee grind accident though...  This was fun to clean up. 

A couple random pics.

Our Christmas tree with lots of fun filters:

Making the girls scrub floors (child labor- got to love it!):

Bg is obsessed with this old worn out pair of footie pajamas that are about 2 sizes too small.  She has a drawer full of pj's, but this is all she will wear.  Her poor little toes:

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