Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I keep feeling thisclose to being on the verge of being overwhelmed, but luckily I haven't quite fallen off the overwhelm cliff and gone crazy.  This time of year is crazy at work.  I work in agriculture financing and year end is a busy time for financial planning for customers. 

I was in charge of our schools PTL fundraiser over the weekend- a large taco bar.  I should have been better prepared for it, but  Luckily it went by smoothly and we earned a lot of money for the school.

I have been going strong at the gym and can definitely feel the burn today!  I haven't been running but I am definitely missed it.  I hope to get the streets sometime over the long weekend.

I have been running warm up on the treadmill and I still hate it.  But I am getting stronger with my weights, so yay!

I have self diagnosed myself with gall bladder issues thanks to Dr. Google.  I have had a lot of stomach pain lately but don't really have time for it to be a gall bladder issue, so I am hoping the pain goes away soon.

Fall and winter come with lovely dry skin.  I have some severe dry skin patches on my arms, my thumb, the palm of my hand and one big toe.  I think I got a little itch crazy in my sleep the other day as I woke up with the skin on my arm rubbed raw.  Ouch!  We watched a re-run of Criminal Mind last night about people that think they have weird fibers or bugs or spiders under their skin causing them to itch without relief, although nothing is really wrong.  I didn't even need Dr. Google to diagnose myself with that as well!  And yikes, my arms are pale and freckle-y.

 I do enjoy hunting but haven't really had time to do it.  12 days of rifle season and I got one night in.  I saw two does but was looking for a buck, so I didn't get one this year.  Oh well, it is awfully peaceful in those woods.  How come I can run 13.1 miles but I cant walk the quarter mile to the deer stand without getting winded???
A friend gave us some homemade strawberry jam.  It is Bg approved:
Between church, daycare, baby sitter and a very small private school, we have lots of teachers to get gifts for, which can get pretty pricey, so I always try to do something homemade.  I get the main school teachers something a little bigger, but I think I will have the girls make these up for all other teachers (and my girls go to a Christian school and daycare, so I wont be offending anyone with my religious Christmas message).

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