Monday, November 9, 2015

Official Gym Member & Weekend Update

I am officially a gym member!!  I joined a new gym in town last week and have time!  I only joined for one month so I can see how many times I realistically go.  I plan to go tonight but of course forgot my pass key!  I am hoping someone will be there to let me in.

For the fact that I have been a gym member before and was somewhat of an athlete in high school (okay, I sucked, but I was on the teams), I should know my way around a weight room better, so I was a bit lost.  Luckily Somer met me there, gave me a 3 day lift program to follow and guided me around the gym.  I probably ruined her workout (sorry!).  I got a little light headed while lifting and Somer told me it was probably my breakfast causing it- two cinnamon rolls and a pop tart- not exactly the breakfast of champions.

I need to do some research on good weight programs for runners.  Unless any of my 4 readers have any good suggestions.  I will wait for all those to roll in.

We had a surprise birthday party Saturday night for on old childhood friends of Jeff's and a good friend of mine now.  She was very surprised!  We had a great time with a great group.  Her parents rented a party bus and it was a riot.  My friend Julie and I had to pretend we stole the bus at one point:

I found this silly picture on my phone.  So glad Bg and Chloe like to take pictures:
My adorable nephew is officially TEN MONTHS!!! He is going places, let me tell you!
The girls and I put together our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child on Sunday afternoon.  I really hope I am teaching them generosity and compassion. 

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