Friday, November 13, 2015

Speed work and puzzles

I only paid a month membership at the gym, as I wasn't sure how often I could make it.  But since the girls are being SO awesome at the gym, I have been able to go everyday so far this week except Sunday!

I have been doing a 1 mile speed work program on the treadmill.  It provides a good warm up and increases my speed, so a bonus double!

My first day of the speedwork (sprint, run, walk every 1 minute) and I did it in about 10 minutes.  Last night I sprinted and jogged for a minute each, then only walked 30 seconds.  I actually cut out the final walk and sprinted.  Now my sprints aren't actual sprints for a good runner, but it is a good pace.  It makes me too nervous to sprint on a treadmill too fast as I am afraid of wiping out!  My time last night was 8:29.  Which is still slower than I can do a mile in, but I am hoping it is making me stronger.  I would like to run my upcoming 5K at an average of 8:29 per mile!

I am doing a 3 day lift program at the gym, so I didn't need to do any weights, but I did some core work.  I am feeling sore, but it is a good sore.  I can still function, unlike with crossfit.  The gym owner is going to research some running lift programs for me!

Chloe got a map of the US puzzle for her 6th birthday from her adorable friend Wyatt and it is still a favorite in our house.  Chloe likes to pick a state and describe it to Bg to see if she can guess the state.  This is her description of Kansas: "It is to the west of Missouri and we hate it."  Ha ha, I have her trained well.

Funny convo with Chloe on the way to school today.  She is going to her first slumber party and she can be a little hyper, so I wanted to have a behavior talk with her.
Me: Chloe, we need to talk.
Her: Mom, I already know what you are going to say and don't worry, I prayed about it last night.
Me: What was I going to say?
Her: That I need to be good.  And I prayed about it.

I love it!  I am glad she takes her struggles to God, but it worries me slightly that she has to actually pray to be good, rather than simply being good.

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