Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best thing about getting older...

So, the best thing about my birthday?  I moved up an age group for races.  The 30-34 age group always seems one of the most competitive so maybe I will have a better chance to medal as the youngest in my age group rather than the oldest!  Both Jeff and I had a birthday on Christmas Eve, but only one of us is less than a year until turning the big 4-0!  And it isn't me, ha ha.

The best birthday gift from my daughter Chloe.  This is the birthday cake she made on her cake app:

We spent Christmas Eve evening with my family again.  It is always so special returning to my home church that most my family still attends (my BIL is the youth pastor there) and I like tradition.  We had a beautiful service and returned to my parents afterwards for Pie Face!  Seriously, this silly game is a blast!

My mom with the girls.  My girls aren't usually the most cuddly or photo loving, so I was glad they got a good picture with grandma!

We had a GREAT Christmas!  We spent the Sunday before Christmas with my immediate family and had a crazy loud time. 

My sister and I....people constantly comment on how much we look alike and we get stopped in public often to ask if we are sisters/twins.  We do NOT see a resemblance at all and neither does our family.  Strangers always spot it. 

Christmas Day was spent with my inlaws.  They aren't as loud as my family but are such a great family to be a part of.  I had to laugh at the girls as we went out the door:  Chloe is always dressed like she is heading to the gym and Bg is super fancy all the time. 

And the good thing about my girls being so young...I can still force them to dress like me!

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