Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Santa Visit

Although we live in the country, the town we most associate with is a very tiny town (population 400).  In a town this small, you can get away with inviting the entire town to the annual Christmas party.  I honestly don't know what group hosts the party, but they serve chili, soup and cookies to whoever comes all for a free will donation that helps pay utility bills, etc for struggling families within the community.  We always go to the Christmas party, but we actually helped out this year, as they asked our 4-H club to help with setting up, serving and cleaning up. 

Santa also always comes to the Christmas party and is pretty exciting to see him!  I love seeing Santa this way versus the mall, as it isn't crowded, we don't have to wait in line with the kids (I visited with friends until our turn) and Santa knows our kids.

This year Chloe only asked for a jump rope.  Bg asked for a baby doll for her dollhouse.  She is kind of freaking out though, as Santa misunderstood her and thought she asked for a dollhouse.  She is worried she wont get the doll and will instead get another dollhouse.  I reassured her that Santa knows what she really wants.

The girls like to put together a gingerbread house every year, which is usually stressful for my perfectionst Chloe, but this year went okay.  We actually created a little Santa Village:

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