Friday, December 4, 2015


So my blog is completely out of order but I found these fun Thanksgiving pictures to share.

My grandpa had his leg amputated about 6 years ago and although he has a prosthetic, it is hard for him to get around.  He bought this scooter last month, so of course, my sister and I had to try it out.  It has a big enough seat we could both fit and of course, all our kids had to jump on with us.  It was a nasty day outside, so we just drove it around his garage acting stupid (which is what you are supposed to do at family dinners, right?)

The basket on the front was perfect for Nolen!  And don't worry, my sister was holding on tight to him!

I make really stupid faces in pictures.

Cousin love, although Bg is looking at Nolen like he just farted or something:

I hit up the gym last night.  Did 1 mile on the treadmill in less than 8 minutes.  Which isn't all that hard for me, but on the treadmill it seems rough.  I don't like hearing my feet hit the treadmill.

We were invited to the Christmas party for my mother in law's church last night.  The girls begged to go.  It was an excellent dinner!

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