Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fun at the creek and homework struggles

So, last night I knew Jeff was working late again, so I figured that since I couldn't run/go to the gym, I could make a short honey-do list for myself to complete last night.  It was pretty short- balance checkbook, girls laundry and work on Valentines Boxes.  All pretty manageable items.

I picked the girls up after work and while it was chilly, it was bearable, so I suggested when we got home to walk down to our creek.  We have an awesome creek bed.  The bottom literally looks like someone poured concrete through it.  And we have a nice waterfall.  We like to wade in the creek in the spring but it usually either dries up or gets really nasty in the summer with the moss and bugs and snakes.  But in the winter, it is perfect.  The water is clear, we don't have to worry about critters and there is usually lots of animal prints to see.

The girls love the creek.  They had fun digging up large rocks and making big splashes.

I have no idea why Bg was making such a silly face!

The waterfall:

We played outside a little longer than intended, so when we headed in, it was time for supper.  I tried to juggle making supper and folding laundry at the same time.  The girls have to put away their clothes, except for the shirts which I hang up (they cant reach).  I thought I did a good job of multi tasking, but I also realized I wasn't getting much on my to- do list done. After supper, I could tell the girls were tired and they wanted to sit down with me and watch a movie, so needless to say, only the laundry got done.  No Valentine's boxes or checkbook. 

I ordered two new books about running and they both game in yesterday.  Both sounded great and I had to do eenie-meenie- minie-moe to chose one to start reading.

The winner was Run Less Run Faster.  And during that movie, I read about half of it.  I am really intrigued with their running plan and definitely plan to start it next week.  It basically is only 3 days of running a week.  Day 1 is track repeats, Day 2 is tempo runs and Day 3 is long runs.  Based on your 5K times, it gives you a very strict pace to complete all your runs.  All sound manageable (I hope) and I hope to see great results in 18 weeks!

Jeff finally has a day off, so he is taking the girls to gymnastics tonight so I get plenty of time to hit the gym!

But first, I have a parent teacher conference with Chloe's teacher.  I am beyond frustrated with both Chloe and her teacher!  Chloe's teacher is excellent and very old school.  Chloe's school is the only school I know who assigns letter grades to 1st graders and Chloe's homework scores are going down each week.  Chloe is doing her work sloppy, rushing through it and not following instructions.  Chloe is a smart kid (really she is) so I want to find out she is doing in class instead of doing her work correctly.  But...the frustration with the teacher comes in how she grades Chloe's math homework.  Chloe loves math and can do some pretty hard problems in her head (like 436 minus 214).  But she is missing 5+2+? b/c she is writing the answer sloppy.  Even though the answer is right.  I understand 1st grade is about learning to write and doing your homework to the best, but I don't understand missing an answer for messy handwriting in math???  She also has marked some stuff wrong that Chloe actually has right.  I need to have the teacher explain to me how it is wrong (since neither Jeff or I can figure out why she is missing it) so I can help Chloe in the future.  Not really looking forward to this.

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