Monday, February 22, 2016

Wonderful weather, smoothie challenges and new shoes

We had the most GLORIOUS February weather this weekend.  It was a dream weekend.  Jeff had to work so it was just me and the girls.  The girls have been begging me to let them do a "smoothie" challenge.  I have no idea where they came up with this, probably you tube, but it involved them listing out ingredients, drawing random ones and mixing it all together in a blender and drinking it.  YUCK!

Chloe worked hard on her two categories: basics (liquids- milk, chocolate milk, Hi-C, Apple juice, etc) and then others (pepperoni, cheese, craisons, fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc).  Then the girls drew items for their smoothies, assembled the ingredients (I allowed them to use a tablespoon of whatever they wanted) and then I mixed it up in the blender. 

Chloe's smoothie: chocolate ice cream, strawberry yogurt, white and chocolate milk, pepperoni, banana

Bg's smoothie: apple juice, Hi-C, applesauce, chocolate pudding, craisons, chocolate chips and pepperoni  (I think Chloe purposely made Bg's super gross)

Both girls challenged each other to take 3 sips of their smoothies.  It was gross, but they both did.  Bg also tried Chloe's and said it was good.  Chloe refused to try Bg's.  They thought it was great fun.

After that, we headed outside.  We met friends at the park for an hour, came home and vacuumed the trampoline (lots of dead leaves and crud), cleaned out my car, the girls played dolls on the driveway, etc.  I took the girls to my IL's in the afternoon so I could get in a LOOOONG run.  They live in a pretty tiny town and I wanted to get in 8 miles, so I made lots of loops.  The fun thing about a town of 400 is that you know most everyone, so I got lots of encouragement.  I was passed by a tractor, offered a snickers and almost got wiped out by an anhydrous tank. 

The 8 miles was anything but easy.  It was about 30 degrees hotter than any run I have done in, oh, 6 months?  Usually it takes me 1-2 miles to get into my groove, but I just never got into it.  The entire 8 miles felt like the awkward warm up.  I finished my run at the park, where my girls were at.  My MIL said I was beet red and looked pretty wiped out.  The bad thing about ending my run at the park...I had to walk back another .75 mile!  Ha ha, the girls had ridden their bikes, so it was a slow cool down walk with Bg.

I am wanting to be able to get comfortable with a 9 minute mile for at least 10 miles.  This run wasn't a success on those standards:

I also got a piece of furniture delivered that I ordered back in September!  I wanted a cabinet for board games/toys for my living room.  I am in love with this!!

We went out for ice cream on Saturday night.  Isnt Bg cute?

Sunday was church.  I am trying to eat a little healthier (well, snack a little healthier), so the girls and I made homemade granola bites.  Powered almonds, oatmeal, p.b, honey and mini chocolate chips, rolled into balls.  YUM!  Chloe ruined hers by rolling in chocolate.  I know I am in the minority here, but the less chocolate usually is better.  I like darker, more bitter chocolate over milk chocolate.  The chocolate chips were plenty for me.

The girls had church choir practice at 6 and I am not directing this time!  I am being a bit selfish with my time (remember my resolution to say no!) and wanted a break from it.  So, instead of leading choir, I laced up my new shoes and took a run!  I have been nervous about trying my new shoes, but figured I would try an easy 4-5 miles.  The weather was MUCH nicer for running- about 30 degrees cooler.  I felt really good the first 3-4 miles.  I totally got lost in my head and am lucky I didn't get ran over.  I was in the zone and suddenly realized that not only was I going in the opposite direction I needed to go, I had crossed a street without realizing it.  I think I ran for about 2 minutes just completely lost in my mind.  It felt good, but is a little dangerous on dark streets!  About mile 4 I realized I was pretty sore from Saturday's run.  And to get back to the church, I had a lot of hills!  The last mile was tough, but I made it.  It also got dark fast!  I was wearing reflective pants, but I felt it was too dark for my comfort.  Needless to say, the first thing I did this morning was order some light up arm bands.  I am not sure how I feel about my new shoes (Brooks Pure Cadence).  They started off fine, but my feet were hurting by the end of the run.  I think it had part to do with the fact that I ran longer Saturday than I have in months and that I have a blister!  It's too early in the  year for blisters.  I have always had blister-y feet.  I was happy with my pace for an easy recovery run.

My gym moved into a newer, bigger facility with a kids room over the weekend.  I am so excited that I can finally take the girls back again!!!

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