Monday, February 1, 2016

Spring weather in January

Wow!  What a BEAUTIFUL weekend.  The weather was in the 50's and 60's with nice sunshine all weekend.  This means we get outside a lot!

Chloe went to a slumber party Friday night at a friend from church's house.  Poor Bg was having 2nd child syndrome since Chloe ALWAYS gets to go to a friends house, so we invited a friend of hers out for supper with us.  She enjoyed her fun treat.

Speaking of going out to eat...backtracking just a bit, but I had to go visit a customer on Friday in a different town and there is a wonderful little restaurant in an antique shop that I love to eat at.  I got the daily special of cheese tortellini soup, Italian salad and all you can eat breadsticks.  It was wonderful.  I thought it was going to be a healthy lunch but those were seriously the best breadsticks I have ever eaten, so I may have eaten two. 

So, I have had trouble with really sweat feet lately.  I have always had sorta sweaty feet, but it has been ridiculous this past few weeks.  I don't know if there is some correlation between all the working out I am doing and the extra sweat, but you know it is bad when you cant even put on your socks b/c your feet are soaked.  Luckily Saturday's weather was nice so I wore flip flops until my feet dried enough to put on my running shoes.

A group of mom's from church wanted to get together Saturday afternoon to play at the park, so my friend Meghan and I got a teenager to keep an eye on our girls while they played and we went on a run.  We ran about 6.25 miles and then when we got back to the park, I challenged the kids to a half mile fun run.  The older kids enjoyed it, Bg whined and made me carry her. 

I said the weather was was warm enough for bugs and something bit my back while at the park! And yes, I have a tattoo on my lower back- it's hard to see, but it is a Jesus fish with a cross.

Since the weather was so nice, when we got home I got to work on my latest project- a medal hanging rack.  I bought this old window thing at an antique store and installed some hardware to hang my medals and bibs.  I may write something on the glass- maybe my PR's or something.  I haven't decided yet.

I am so happy with how it turned out and cant wait to add more medals!  I only started running abou10 months ago and racing 8 months ago, so I am pretty happy with the number of medals so far.  Hopefully I get two more medals on Saturday (finish and place!).

Chloe had a friend over Saturday night.  Whoever says boys are gross doesn't know girls.  These two tried to gross each other out all night and most talk centered around poop, puke, boogers and diarrhea.    Lovely girls.

They look like trouble, don't they?

Sunday was church and then Chloe went to a friends house after church (yes, she spent a lot of time with friends this weekend!).  I took Bg to grandma's so I could hit the gym.  Since it was still so beautiful outside, I did a two mile warm up outside.  I wanted to really push myself hard, but didn't realize how worn out I was.  I hit the gym hard last week, ran 6.75 miles on Saturday and finished my squat challenge and my gluts screamed at me the entire run.  I wasn't too happy with the time and how worn out I felt, but then I remembered it usually takes me two miles to get into the groove. 

I don't know what I was thinking, but I just threw on a pair of old tennis shoes before heading to the gym.  Even though I only ran two miles, I quickly remembered the importance of GOOD shoes.  The soles on these are so thin and offered no support.  I actually ran in these shoes for the first month or two of my running last year.  They are a good shoe, just not a good running shoe.  I like New Balances for the arch support, but love my Asics and Brooks for running.

I did a good chest/bicep workout at the gym.  Today begins a 30 day ab challenge- not sure if I am excited about that or not.

My personal trainer shared a new, very healthy recipe with me that I tried last night.  Chicken, artichokes (I LOVE artichokes), onions, carrot and spinach baked with vege broth.  It was good, but I felt it was missing something.  I think next time I will leave out the vege broth and dump a can of tomatoes in it.  Of course, no one else in my family would touch it, but that is fine with me.  Good leftovers for lunch!

If anyone wonders why the heck I have to keep getting people to watch my girls while I workout rather than having Jeff do it, Jeff is working a very demanding job with a very demanding timeline right now.  He has left at 6 each morning and typically gets home between 8-8:30.  He worked this same schedule all weekend as well.  I am ready for this job to be over.  He thinks today will be his last day on this job. 

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