Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Weekend

What a wonderful weekend, considering it was January!

We spent Saturday morning up in Jamesport- Amish Country! Note to self: dont tell Chloe in advance that we will see lots of horses and deer b/c the entire trip up there, she constantly asked when we were going to see horses. But see horses we finally did! I could live a simple life....okay, probably not, but it would be nice for like a week or two!

Anyway, we started our furniture quest way wrong. We would have saved 3 hours of time if we had just shown up and said, "show us the cheapest stuff you got." Because that is what we ended up buying. But we did get a 6' dining room table, 6 chairs and two bar stools! I am so excited!

Saturday night was the annual Brannock Christmas, which is always a fun, albeit loud, time. I think sometimes we get to be a bit too much for Jeff to handle. But us cousins always have a fun time together.

Bg is getting so much more mobile. She pulls herself up on everything and was delighted to show off her skills to the family Saturday night.

Sunday I did something that I dont normally do. We skipped church. I have a lot going on this week and just wanted some family time. It was a decent day, so we bundled up in our bibs and spend quite a bit of time outside. Chloe got to ride in the dozer and bobcat with her dad. They started fires and walked across fallen trees. After lunch, we roasted marshmallows. All in all, what a lovely January day!

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