Monday, January 23, 2012

Tea Party!!

For Christmas, Heather, Gary and the girls gave Chloe a Princess Cook Book with recipes for cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Someone made a comment about a tea party and my little elephant never forgets, so she has been begging since Christmas to have a tea party. I thought it would be a good time to also show off the house, so we planned the party for yesterday.

I am starting to become a bit of a baking snob. No more box stuff for me- I am having fun playing with new recipes and making everything from scratch. I have always made cookies from scratch, but I thought the boxed stuff was so much easier for cakes/cupcakes/icing. But honestly, it really isnt. Yea, I have to measure out more stuff, but it is so much for fulfilling when someone compliments your baking to say that you made it all on your own. So I spent Saturday baking vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. And I must say, they are DARN good! I am not the best decorator, but I am learning and am getting a bit better.

The tea party was yesterday. Chloe had a great attendance- Grandma and Papa Michael, Grandma and Papa Tyler, Granny and Great Grandparent Michaels, and the Hoeppners- Scott, Amanda and her friend Calle. We had tea, coffee and cocoa to drink and several types of fresh fruit and cupcakes to eat.

Chloe had practiced all morning saying, "Welcome to my tea party, may I take your coat?" She said it so sweetly to Grandma Judy. But in the excitement of seeing her other grandparents arrive, she somehow cut her toe open. It wasnt a bad cut and I dont think it hurt her, but it was bleeding and I couldnt get her to sit still so I could get the bleeding to stop. She freaked when Jeff got a band-aid, so the rest of her guests all walked in to a kid having a meltdown. Lovely.

It was good to see both Grandpa Michael and Granny out and about. 2011 wasnt the best year for either of them and I pray for continued health in 2012. It is so hard seeing your once strong grandparents getting old.

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