Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bowling injury, Pigs and Rainbows

This is so me right now:

And spring is actually my good season (compared to fall anyway).  I have had a LOT of nasty sinus drainage lately and let me tell you...I am pretty gross.

I have a race in 1.5 weeks.  My first half of the year.  My goal is 2:10.   And I am freaking injured.  From bowling.  How silly is that???  We went bowling with friends on Saturday night and I could tell my back was sore, but I was actually bowling somewhat decent (for me anyway) so I pushed through.  Huge mistake.  I was in terrible pain all night Saturday.  It doesn't help that I am sleeping propped up on 20 pillows as I cant lay flat with all the sinus crap going on.  I suffered through Sunday imagining all these different horrible scenarios with back surgery being the outcome for them all.

I could totally pinpoint the exact spot of pain, which normally when my back hurts it is just a general- my upper or lower back hurts.  This was the bottom right side, above my tailbone to the right of the spine.  So I went to the chiro on Monday and pointed to the spot, which he is said is my SI joint and isn't surprised that I hurt it bowling.  He popped me and did some ultrasound work and I felt better by that afternoon.  I am actually craving the pavement and it sucks that I cant run.  I did play basketball and soccer with the girls last night and of course woke up in pain again.  MUST TAKE IT EASY!!!  I went back to the chiro and plan to rest and relax the next couple of days.  Hopefully this doesn't set me back too much on my goal. 

We got our show pigs this weekend!  We got a purebred duroc and two cross bred gilts.  They are adorable!!!  They are still pretty jumpy around us, but the girls are spending a lot of time with them so hopefully they will warm up to us a bit.  The white pig is Bg's and she named her Peppa.  Bg isn't very creative b/c her pig was named Peppa last year as well.  The other two pigs are Chloe's.  The black one is Emily and the red one is Ginger.

Trying to convince the pigs to let the girls pet them.  Our dog wants in so bad:

Chloe, the pig whisperer:

Driving home after a rain shower the other night, we saw the most bright, vivid double rainbows I have ever seen.  They were beautiful and my pictures do not do it justice.  Such a nice reminder of God's promises and blessings!

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