Tuesday, March 15, 2016

FitBit Blaze Review

As you all know, I was pretty excited to get my FitBit Blaze.  It has a lot of cool features and looks pretty snazzy on my wrist.

  • Heart rate monitor- I love watching out my HR changes during different parts of my workout.  I need to do A LOT of research on ideal heartbeats and ranges to figure out what is best for me, but it is really cool to watch going up and down hills.
  • I can see the time!  I had the FitBit Flex which was cool, but I like seeing the actual time.
  • I can change the music- skips songs, change volume, etc.
  • It gives me actual step counts and stair counts, calories burned, etc all handy on my wrist without having to go to the app.
  • I can select my workout activity and it tracks it rather than putting it on the app: like weight lifting, biking, elliptical, etc.
  • And my favorite....I can see texts and phone calls on my wrist!  I get texts and calls a lot while working out and I can just look at my wrist to see if need to respond without stopping or slowing down my workout.

  • It isn't waterproof like my Flex.  Which normally is okay but I ran in the rain the other day and was worried that it was getting too wet.
  • The mileage is OFF.  Like way off.  And it seems the faster I go, the worse the mileage is.  I completely understand it being off on the treadmill (and yes, it has a separate treadmill setting).  I typically run a 1 mile warm up on the treadmill and it always shows .79 miles.  I tested it on the long run on Sunday and it was over 2 miles off.  I ran my GPS app and the Blaze simultaneously.  My app said 10 miles and the blaze showed 8.  It had me really paranoid so I drove the course and 10 was right. 
The pros outweigh the cons but I really wish the mileage was better.  I always have my phone in my flipbelt, so I will just continue to use my phone app rather than the actual watch. 

And I really love bullet point lists.

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