Monday, June 1, 2015

1st 5K

This post is a bit of a lie, as I have done 5K's before.  Heck, I ran cross country in high school!  But I bet I havent ran a 5K in at least 10 years.  I have done the Higginsville Heat and Hunger walk (4 miles) but I always walk that.  So, yes, I am going to lie and say this is my 1st 5K since I havent done one in so many years.

Again, that crazy friend Somer talked me into doing this run with another gal from church (I swear Somer knows everyone in church who has ever laced up a pair of running shoes!).  This was the Go Girl Run in Columbia and everyone knows I cant say no to a trip to Columbia (Go Tigers!).  I signed up for this race about 4 days before it was set to start and I hadnt run since my half a week earlier.  I did two short quick runs to prepare and then rested.

I had a goal time of 27 minutes.  Before the race started, I had looked at past 5K race results and realized that with a time of 27 minutes, I could *possibly* place in my age group (the not so young pup group).  I also read that the first 4 places in each age group would get a medal.  And the competitive person in me screamed, "I want that medal!!"

Race day started off similar to Branson.  Chilly weather, cloudy skies and slight rain.  With the cooler weather, I was wishing I had signed up for the half, but it was too late.

I decided to start about 1/3 of the way to the front.  I didnt want to get in anyone's way but I also didnt want to be stuck behind a lot of walkers.  The first 1/4 of a mile was straight uphill.  I was breathing hard (I need to get some muscles) and made it to the top already worn out.  But the rest of the course was flat, so I knew I would be okay.  I started off too slow and got behind a lot of walkers.  We ran on the Katy Trail and it is kind of narrow, so I spent the 1st mile and half dodging walkers.  Note to self: start further ahead in the pack.

I felt good most of the race.  Mile 3 really seemed to last forever, but it was exciting to come round the corner and see the end.  When I crossed the line, the time displayed said something like 7:36 and I was really confused what that meant. 

I got my completion medal, bottle of water, and freebies and walked over to where they printed results.  And of course the machine wasnt working.  I waited about 10 minutes and it finally printed out my results: 26:01!!!!  1 minute faster than my goal.  It was a 8 minute 26 second mile. 
And the most exciting said I placed 4th in my age group!!!!

My first mile was the slowest, which is kind of weird, but considering the hill and dodging walkers,  I guess that makes sense.  Mile 1:

I had an excellent smoothie while waiting on my friends to finish.  It was so good.  My friends finished and Somer also had her PR!!!

We had some time to kill while waiting on the awards ceremony, so we walked through some of the booths.  I stopped at the chiro booth and had them look at my hip which has been giving my trouble after I run.  They did some stretches with me and I felt better.

I was pretty excited to place in my first 5K!  I wish I had started off closer to the front.  I ended up placing 15th out of 275 women.  I placed 21st total, but there wasnt very many men since it was the Go Girl Run!

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