Monday, June 1, 2015


Wow, it has been a LONG time since I blogged.  I almost forgot I even had a blog!  I have taken up running and am a bit obsessed, so I wanted to start a running blog kind of as a diary to keep track of my races.

But since I found my original blog, before I start in on my running, I will give a family update!

Chloe- Chloe is now 6 and just finished her kindergarten year!  Oh me oh my!  She is one smart cookie and got the excellent reading award in her class.  She had a wonderful kindergarten teacher that we will miss dearly.  Over the course of the year, Chloe enrolled in gymnastics and loved it.  She really needed an activity to build up some core muscles, since the kid has broke her arm 3 times from leaping off play ground equipment.  I hoped she would learn how to stick her landing!  However, she also wanted to play soccer, so I told her one sport at a time, so we dropped gymnastics after a few months to take on soccer.  She was pretty meh about soccer the first few games, but really picked it up at the end of the season.  I was her coach (and was a horrible one at that), but we ended up placing 2nd in the season end tourney (out of 4 teams).  Chloe is now playing coach pitch softball/baseball.  They are using a baseball, but pitch underhand...weird.  Here team is 1st-4th graders, so she is about the youngest on the team.  She is playing as a leftie since she cant throw with her right arm to save her life!

Bg- Bg just finished her 1st year of preschool.  Bg won Wildcat of the Year, which is an award the entire school faculty votes on at the end of the year to present to a kid from each class who best exhibited Godly character traits throughout the year.  PROUD MAMA!!!!  She also took gymnastics this year and has done excellent.  We have dropped out for the summer just b/c our schedules get a bit hectic in the summer.  She really loves it and has made a lot of little friends, although she doesnt know a single one of their names.  Silly girl.

Both girls have a pig as well.  Leelee and Peppa.  The girls LOVE the pigs and play with them daily.  These are show pigs and they went to a show on Memorial Day.  Both pigs got last in their classes, but boy, I could not have been more proud of my girls.  They took care of their pigs all day, bathed them, fed them, watered them and cleaned up the pens at the end.  Bg had help showing her pig, but really did fine on her own.  Chloe went out on her own.  I am so happy my girls can follow in one of my favorite activities from my childhood.

Jeff- Jeff is happy working for an excavating company digging holes and tearing things down.  He has been busy with our garden and shed.

Me- I am still loving my job!  I have also taken up running and have recently ran my 1st half marathon and my first 5K.  I will post about those later!  I have been teaching Children's Choir and GA's at church, coached Chloe's soccer, am a Chamber board member and lots of other fun stuff.  I know how to keep myself busy!

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