Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Chloe Softball and Cousin Fun

Chloe is playing her 1st year of coach pitch.  She missed the first 3 games due to vacation.  Her 1st game she struck out twice (although she did hit a few foul balls).

Last night was her 2nd game.  She did great!  She struck out 1st time at bat, but hit singles the next two times and made it home each time!  According to her, she hit two home runs!  She didnt have any action as an outfielder, but did get to play catcher one inning.  It was hilarious.  The catcher gear was way too big for her, she could barely walk and once she went to her knees, she couldnt get up.  However, she threw from her knees to the coach very well.  I was a very very proud mama.

After her game, Chloe and Bg had a fun surprise!!!  Their cousins from Branson, Mariah, Summer, Jaz and Alice came to stay the night!!!  The girls dont have many cousins and really dont have any close to their age, so when they do get to see the few cousins their age, they are really really excited!  The girls bounced around the house until about 10:30 (way too late) last night until I made them go to bed.  They were a bit grouchy this morning and very very sad to say good bye as their cousins hit the road again.

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