Thursday, June 18, 2015


We just got back from the most WONDERFUL vacation ever!  We went down to Orange Beach, AL with Scott, Amanda, Calle and Trey.  It was a long (and not very fun) ride down.  We left on Friday afternoon around 3 and didnt arrive to our condo until around 5pm.  We rushed in, changed into our suits and headed straight to the ocean!

Calle got stung by a jellyfish and I got pinched by a crab during our first 15 minutes at the beach.  It was certainly funny watching Scott trying to pull the crab off my toes as it desperately (and painfully) held on.  But luckily, those were our only bad experiences the entire trip!

Sunday we spent the entire day lounging around the pool or the beach.  It was wonderful!  The kids liked the pool more than the ocean (the ocean was a bit rough), but it didnt bother me where I lounged at!  Sunday night we ate at Bubba's Seafood and the girls loved the fish.  I decided since I was at the ocean, I would have my one seafood dinner that day (I am not a big seafood fan) and had the crabcakes which for seafood, they were very good.  Bg loved the corn on the cob as well!

The rest of the trip was a lot of good pool time, beach time and sun time!  We went on a wonderful dolphin cruise that lasted for about 2.5 hours.  We had a private boat on a lagoon with two jet skis and a tube, so we got to see dolphins, sunbathe, ride jet skis and all the kids got to tube to their hearts content.  It was expensive, but a very neat experience!

We went out at night and caught sand crabs scurrying across the sand.  They almost looked like little white spiders and they moved FAST!  The kids thought it was fun chasing them around.

We also dug for sea shells.  There were shells everywhere and we brought home a lot of really neat and unique shells.

I even got my exercise somewhat.  Amanda and I ran on the beach one morning (my sensitive feet did NOT like that) and since we were on the 14th floor, I made sure to walk up the stairs once a day.

We also each spent a night as a date night while watching each other's kids.  Jeff and I went to LuLu's which was awesome!  Since it was just the two of us, we were seated at the bar right away and didnt have to wait the 1.5 hours everyone else was.  I ordered the cheeseburger, and it was wonderful!  We ended the night walking on the wharf and riding a ferris wheel.

The wharf was so neat that we took all the kids back on our last night there to watch the light show and to ride the ferris wheel, which they all thought was really neat. 

Family pic:
 Kid pic:

Our condo:

It was such a wonderful trip.  We definitely plan to go back.  This was my face on the way home.  I has the sadz:

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