Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sad Chloe!

Chloe had a pretty exciting fun filled weekend.  She was supposed to "baby sit" my adorable nephew Nolen on Friday night at my niece's softball game.  Well, Chloe got home from the sitter with a 102 fever, so I had to baby sit Nolen all on my own.  Chloe was heartbroken, as she was going to be in charge (and by in charge, that meant telling ME to change his diapers).

But I did have fun with my cute date on Friday night:

Chloe was still sick on Saturday morning.  Since she was supposed to leave for church camp on Sunday, I took her to urgent care figuring she had strep again.  But they couldnt find anything wrong with her, but the doctor said if she was fever free, she should be able to go to camp. 

I baked 10 loaves of zucchini bread on Saturday for the freezer.  I would have made more, but I ran out of flour.

I drove up to Confederate Park on Saturday afternoon to get my 5 mile run in.  After about 3 miles, I ran into a friend walking and made encouraged her to run with me.  She ran my last two miles with me and it was so nice catching up with her.  It wasnt a fast run by any means, but I am building my endurance back.  I had brought along a foam McDonalds cup filled with lots of ice and water for after the run.  I have all kinds of fancy water bottles, cups, thermoses, etc, but for some reason prefer the foam cup!

Chloe woke up Sunday morning still running a fever.  I felt so bad for her, as two of her best friends would be leaving her behind as they went to camp.  I had nursery at the church Sunday morning and after church did all my mowing, gardening and fun outdoor things that must be done.  Bg came home and my mom told me that she wasnt allowed to come back over till she was 20 (someone had some behavior isses)!

I stayed home from work on Monday with Chloe since she wasnt fever free yet for 24 hours.  She woke up feeling good, no fever, ate a hearty breakfast and lunch and begged me to take her to camp.  So...I did!  She was so excited.  This is a goofy shot of her before leaving and once we got to camp, she wouldnt let me take a picture.  And since I was all alone for a long drive, I had to stop and get some frozen custard!  I like to think frozen custard is way healthier than ice cream but I doubt it is.

Monday is supposed to be a rest day, but I didnt really exercise on Sunday and dont think I will get my run in every day this week, so I went ahead and did the 4 miler scheduled for Wednesday.  I didnt think it felt that hot when I left, but the closer I got to the creek bottom and with 4' tall corn lining both sides of the road, I think the temperature raised 10 degrees about a mile from my house.  I didnt go fast, but I finished strong, especially with the BIG hill I have to run up before getting home.  This is the back of my shirt when I got home:
There was a cool blood moon that I tried to capture on my run, but it isnt the best picture:

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