Monday, September 28, 2015

Running with my girls!

We started off the Country Fair with the Heat and Hunger 5K.  I brought the girls with me to do the kids fun run before the actual race.  Chloe has been begging to run with me, so I figured this would be her chance to do a run on her own. Chloe finished 4th, but only finished behind 3 older kids, so she did great.  Bg was in the middle of the pack, but again ahead of the kids her age.  And yes, this competitive mom did notice those details.  That is me at the finish line, as I was the official bubble blower.

My race started after the fun run.  However, I got a very fun surprise, and Chloe asked to run it as well.  She had two friends running it as well, so I told her fine.  The nice thing about this race is 1: it is in a small town where everyone looks out for and knows each other and 2: it is on a loop track.  So I felt comfortable racing ahead at my pace and letting my 6 year old race at her pace.  One of her friends started off with me and ran the first mile with me (go Alex!) at a 8:23 pace.  I lapped Chloe right when I was finishing my 2nd loop (I was at mile 2.5ish and she was at mile 1.5ish) and told her to keep going strong!  I finished my race in 4th (boo) and her friend Alex was at the finish line.  No one told poor Alex she had to make two loops so she didn't finish the race!  I was worried about Chloe, as I knew her other friend had also given up, so I ran back to find her.  And I did find her, running along still!  I finished the last 3/4 of a mile with her running/walking.  I probably told her how proud I was of her about 20 times!  She finished strong and was the 2nd place finisher in the under 21 age group!!!!  And in true runners fashion, she immediately asked, "when can we race again?"

Isnt my run Missouri shirt cool?

I am not sure my official time as I forgot to turn off my timer for about a minute or two after my race.  It wasn't as fast as I would have liked, but that would probably involve me running more than once or twice a week!

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