Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fun Run and a Mud Run

I have been working hard on IIFYM and eating well.   I have talked to a few coaches about nutrition plans and really want to take that next step, but I am being an el-cheapo and wont quite take the plunge.  So, while I am tracking my Macro's, I really don't know if they are the right macros for me.  I did a macro calculator on bodybuilder.com and came up with 153g carbs, 153g protein and 34 g fat.  I actually struggle with getting enough carbs and protein and keep getting too much fat.  But I am learning more about what are better foods to eat, so that helps.  I am using myfitnesspal to log my food.

But...all that macro tracking went down the drain over the weekend! 

My weekend started off grand, with a girls night at Buco de Beppo.  Yum, is that place good, but wow on the amount of food!  We started off with bread and I was starving so I ate way too much of that.  Our salad was granny smith apples, feta cheese, walnuts and was delicious.  We had chicken caprice (I am probably spelling that wrong) along with chicken fettuccini alfredo.  A lovely lady from church knew of our plans and sent us a sampler platter at well.  I believe it had fried cheese, fried mushroom and other fried things, so since I don't do fried food, it didn't hurt my diet.  And when I say I don't do fried food, I can stomach some fried things, but most breaded and fried stuff is so nasty to me- it isn't diet related, I just don't like it.   

Jeff headed out at the crack of dawn to have a weekend fishing trip with his dad, so it was just us girls.  My friend is the county prosecutor and she was hosting a Victims Advocate Fun Run on Saturday.  It started off with a kids fun run followed by a 5K.  There was also life flight, fire trucks, tow trucks, police cars, etc for the kids to look through.  The girls did the fun run with their friends but I couldn't do the 5K due to Chloe's soccer game.  I was disappointed but it is what it is!

The girls and their friends:

I didn't get a picture of Chloe finishing the fun run, but a friend shared this of Bg:

The girls got to sit in the drivers seat of life flight.  The prosecutor snapped this photo and Bg had to hide.  Should I be nervous that Bg is already hiding from law enforcement?

I really like this photo of Chloe and I.  I have finally figured out the "sock" bun and am enjoying it!

We headed straight to soccer after the run.  Chloe played great and her team won 5-3.  Not sure what Chloe is doing in this picture:

Between soccer games we rushed to a birthday party of Chloe's dear friend Kiley.  Filled up on burgers, potato salad and cake.  Quit tracking my macros at this point!

Bg was bribed with ice cream if she wouldn't be a baby at soccer.  She did well the first half and only whined the 2nd half.  She played goalie 4th quarter and this is pretty much what she did the entire time.  Probably the reason the other team scored their only goal of the game on her:

The girls and I had a date night on Saturday- dinner and a show.  We went to the local youth theaters production of Peter Pan.  Our friend Ellie was the crocodile and the play was adorable.

Chloe stayed the night with a friend on Saturday night, so it was just me and Bg. 

Sunday morning I took Bg to my MIL's and then met up with Chloe, her friend and her mom to go to a family style mud run.  We had a BLAST!  The girls were troopers and enjoyed the challenge of the obstacles.  This will definitely be something we do again.

So, I didn't get any solid running in this weekend and don't really foresee a lot of time this week either.  I hate that running is taking a back seat to my crazy life right now, but hopefully I can add some miles soon.  That is definitely the downfall of living down miles of gravel road.  If we lived in town, I could run in the mornings/evenings but I don't really like running on gravel, especially in the dark!

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