Thursday, April 28, 2016

Taking the IIFYM plunge and Lincoln Half Marthon Goals

I have been researching and tossing around the idea of hiring a nutrition coach to help me achieve the body I want.  I am doing well with strength training but need to "lean out" and shed a few pounds. 

I have looked into a few coaches that I have found through Instagram and just could not go through with it due to the price.  I have spent a lot of money this past year with running, gym memberships, race fees, race gear, etc and just did not want to spend more.

One of the fitness bloggers I follow announced that she was going to start coaching.  Her blog is and she was one of the first runners I started following on Instagram.  She has an amazing body and excellent race times!  Her coaching was a much better price than some of the other coaches so I took the plunge and hired her!

Through just some random searches on IIFYM online, I thought I had my calories and macros figured out.  Hers were a little different and include more calories and fat grams, so that makes me happy! 

My new macros:
Calories: 1700
Carbs- 165 gram
Protein- 125 gram
Fat- 60 grams

I have figured out my eating today.  It was a little tricky but I finally made it work.  I kept getting too many proteins and not enough carbs.  If I stick to what I have planned, here is my numbers for today
Calories: 1700 (pretty exact!)
Carbs- 156 g
Protein- 135 g
Fat- 58g

We had a freak hail storm yesterday that was BAD.  I was in town when it hit and luckily was close to Sonic so I parked under their awning.  It was golf ball sized at some points and did a lot of damage.  Luckily the corn is just starting to come up so hopefully it can recover from the damage.  This is the beginning of the storm.

The temp was in the 70's and there was a lot of rain too, so it started melting pretty fast, but it completely covered the roads at one point:

This picture if from this morning- 15 hours after the storm in one of the hardest hit places.  Piles of ice that were about 3 ft deep in spots.  The pile is dirty but it is all ice:

I am running a half marathon in Lincoln, NE on Sunday with my friends Meghan and Kristen.  Running has been a struggle for me lately but I seem to do okay in races.  I have 4 goals:

Goal AA: 2:00 hours (I made it AA rather than A, b/c I realize it probably isn't realistic but is my ultimate goal for the year).
Goal A: 2:05
Goal B: 2:07
Goal C: 2:10

These may be hard to reach, as the weather is supposed to be windy and rainy and overall nasty.

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