Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An exhausting week and Corder Picnic Fun

Whew!!!  Last week was a LOOONG week.  While it was nice having the girls in VBS each night (they loved it), it was just too much activity for them.  They were exhausted over the weekend and their attitudes sure reflected it.  I was exhausted too.

I led a VERY active week and my body is definitely letting me know.  I already blogged this, but last Sunday I ran 8 miles, did 2 miles on Monday, played a double header in softball Tuesday and ran 5 miles on Wednesday.  I woke up Thursday SO sore.  Softball uses muscles I am not used to using!  My back, shoulders and quads were killing me.  I had a golf tourney to play in and luckily that loosened me up quite a bit.  I love golf- I am not very good but I think I am getting better.  I played in a 2nd tournament on Friday as well.  I won closest to the pin and longest putt for the women!  But....I was the only woman in the tournament, ha ha. 

The golf life is a hard life:

Friday night of the Corder picnic is the big talent show night in which my girls and their friend sing a Taylor Swift song every year.  This year they won 2nd place in their age group! 
My dad also competes each year with his ventriloquist act- his bear Sarge.  He won 1st place in the humor category doing an old Abbott and Castelo act about baseball.
Saturday was a day of fun and games.  I started the morning off doing the 5K race and got 2nd place with a time of 27:30.  Not my fastest race but I don't do well in the humidity.  My friends ran the race as well:
The girls entered the bike race.  They competed in the under 7 age group.  Chloe got 2nd and Bg got 4th (out of 4).  Poor Bg's helmet was too big and she couldn't see, but everyone got a big laugh out of watching her ride.

Next up was the pedal tractor pull.  Chloe got 3rd in the under 50 weight group.  She was a VERY bad sport about it and this mama was NOT happy with her about it.  The top 3 places were within 2 inches of each other so it was close.  Bg chose to nap rather than participate.

We followed the tractor pull with the sidewalk chalk contest.  Even though I am not artistic at all, they needed another contestant in the 19 and up category, so I jumped in, as I was sure to place with only 3 drawers.  Chloe did not place but I did!!!  Drumroll please....3rd place out of 3!   I am going to be a sore loser here, but the people who beat me were an art teacher and her mom.  They should NOT have allowed professionals.  I wont spend my $5 prize in one place.
The kids had fun riding rides, especially the bucking bull.  They had several friends at the picnic so they y always had someone to ride with.


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