Friday, July 17, 2015

Fair Fun and picture overload! I haven't ran all week.  We were at the fair late Monday night and it was so freaking hot that I just didn't have it in me.  Chloe made three projects for the 4-H Fair and here is a picture of her telling the judge all about her projects.  This is one of my many FAVORITE things about 4-H.  Those who know Chloe well know she isn't very outgoing and can ignore people completely ( stresses this extrovert out to no end!).  But in 4-H, it gives the kids a chance to get in front of a person (often a stranger) without their parent and learn valuable speaking skills that will stay with them for life.  When I peaked in the room, Chloe was animated and talking to the judge.  I was proud!

After presenting her exhibits, it was time for Clover Kid Super Farmer, where it is a bunch of fun farm related activities for the kiddos.

Tuesday night I had to work at the big kid Super Farmer contest and it was again a VERY hot night!  But the kids had fun and Bg even got in on some action.

Wednesday I started a two day Hedging and Options Training.  Sounds kind of boring, but it was an excellent class and I think I learned something!

Thursday night, on behalf of the Chamber, I help with our Farmers Appreciation Dinner.  This dinner is awesome.  With a very SMALL budget, we feed anywhere from 400-600 people hamburgers, hotdogs, beans and chips as a thank you for all our local farmers.  In addition to being on the committee that puts on this event, my work provides and serves watermelon.  Since I have a HUGE aversion to watermelon, I put my kids to work in my place. 

After the dinner was the auction and awards.  Since I was busy bidding and buying animals, my kids were left to roam (such a great benefit of our small town).  Bg got a little dirty...the bathtub was pretty nasty when she got out!

And our hay has finally been cut- hooray!!

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