Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dog trouble day 2

So I have been running faithfully since March.  Not a long time, but luckily haven't had any encounters with dogs until two days ago.  And then again last night!

I don't normally like running with my dog Sally.  She doesn't know how to pace herself, so we go balls to the wall the first few miles and then she is dead tired.  We ran the first two miles at about a 8:30 pace (which is fast for me!).  She jerks me around a lot when she spots a rabbit or car or a figment of her imagination.  She tripped me twice and once jerked my arm across my body so hard it knocked the breath out of me.  But isn't she cute...
We ran down to the Davis Creek bridge south of my house where Jeff and the girls were watching the flood waters flow through.  The water made Sally nervous so we didn't stay long.
We went a different way than normal on our run, as I was trying to avoid certain parts of the gravel road due to mud.  We went by a house where the owner was outside flying Frisbee with his dog.  I am more nervous around short haired dogs and this was a long haired, Australian shepherd looking dog, which don't really bother me.  This dog ran out to Sally, they sniffed around each other and then the dog attacked!  It lunged at Sally and clamped down.  The owner comes running yelling at his dog and Sally got loose.  I got brave and got between the dogs until the owner caught his dog.  He was so apologetic and I examined Sally and it didn't appear that any skin was broke (there was no blood).  I still needed to go about another 1.5 miles at this point to get my 4 miles in, but poor Sally's pride was hurt and with her sprinting the first 2.5 miles, she was tuckered out.  I basically had to drag her home (about a mile away), so I cut my run a little short (got in 3.57 miles).  I examined Sally again at home and she was fine. 

I got a little muddy on this run...
I posted my dog troubles on Facebook and got a few suggestions on what I need.  These suggestions include: a little old lady with a dirty mouth on a golf cart, a gun, this electronic dog deterrent and pepper spray.  Although I like options 1 and 2 (1 is my favorite), I think pepper spray is my best bet. 

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