Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Start of the 4-H Fair!

Yesterday started the 2015 county 4-H/FFA Fair!  The fair is one of my favorite times of the year.  I served on our fairboard for many years and am amazed year after year at the talent, skill and knowledge of these kiddos. 

I was asked to judge at Exhibit Day, which is where all the kids with non livestock projects show what they have done.  There is many categories- foods, sewing, crafts, photography, robotics, Aerospace, child development, knitting, entomology, produce, just to name a few.  I judged all the grain crops, bees, entomology and animal classes.  I wasn't sure what to look for in some of these categories (I had a kid with a hamster project!), but the kids were eager to show off what they have worked hard on all year.  As always, I learned something new from each kid!

Today I went to the ham auction and part of the cattle show.  It makes me really sad how few cattle there are in the barns.  When I showed, the barn was overflowing with steers and the show lasted all day and into the evening.  Today, the show was over by lunch.

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