Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back pain and lofty goals

I have been dealing with pretty frequent back pain since the beginning of the year.  Multiple chiro visits, a massage and even a couple doctors visits (with X-Rays) with no help.  All they can tell me is that my muscles are really inflamed and not sure why.  After my back disaster on Saturday, my friend Somer told me I need to find a chiro that specializes in sports injuries.  I like my current chiro, but he is pretty basic- I go in, he pops me and I leave.

I did some research and found a place in the city and got an appointment.  They did a consult where we talked quite a bit, then they examined me and basically said that they didn't see anything major, but my body is completely lopsided.  His x-ray machine was unfortunately down, but we went ahead and started therapy.  I laid on this massaging type table awhile (it was BLISS!) and then did this electroc shocky therapy type thing, where they put these patches on me and sent shocks into my back.  It was all warm and again, very blissful.  He then adjusted me and gave me an insert for my shoe to elevate one side of my body.  He said that my muscles were used to being out of alignment, so after they adjust me, my muscles pull back into the unevenness.  I go back next week for more fun.

So...I hesitate to even write these goals down for my upcoming half marathons.  But I need goals to push myself.  These aren't very fast goals compared to others, but they work for me.

For my half on Sept 6- my goal is simply to finish faster than Branson.  I would like to finish in around 2:20-2:25.  It will be less hills, but will also be about 30 degrees hotter and about a gazillion times more humid.

My half marathon goals are really more for my races in October, when the weather is more optimal.

I want to try to do 9- 9:30 minute miles for the first 6 miles.  I am almost that fast in practice, but think with adrenaline and competition, it will be no problem.  However, keeping that pace for that long wont work, so I am hoping to finish the last 7.1 miles at a 10:30-11 minute pace.  If I go the slowest at my goal time, my finish should be 2 hours 16 minutes.  If I go the fastest, it would be 2 hours 9 minutes.  This is factoring in 2 minutes for the final .1 miles or any extra the course may be.

I think I can obtain those goals. 

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