Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School!

The girls started school last week on Wednesday the 19th.  Then they were slackers and skipped the next two days as we were at the state fair!

Bg has a new teacher this year in her preschool class.  I have known this lady for YEARS (grew up with her boys) and am so excited that she gets to be Bg's teacher.  However, Bg was being VERY grumpy on the first day of school and refused to let me take a picture of her.  I snapped on while at school before she had a chance to run away.  Bg will be attending full time this year!

Chloe meanwhile is moving onto 1st grade and has one of her daddy's old teachers for her teacher.  How exciting!  Chloe was very excited to start school!

The first day was a pretty simple day.  They got out early (before lunch) and they had chapel, so they spent little time in the classroom.

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