Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hair Chops

I knew my girls needed trims before school started so I scheduled them about 2 weeks ago.  When I told Chloe, she said she wanted SHORT hair.  Yikes, I love my girls long hair.  Their hair is so different than mine that I think I was kind of living out my hair dreams through them.  Long, straight and thinner than mine.  And grows fast.  But I also don't want to dictate how they wear their hair, so I told her that was fine.  And then Bg chimed in that she wanted short hair too.  Yikes.

Chloe donated her hair about a year and half ago and said she wanted to donate again.  I did some research and I think we are going to donate to Children With Hair Loss, which makes wigs for kids.

Here is the before:

Bg's hair was wavy because it had been in a braid.

Chloe after (quite a bit shorter than the last time she donated):

Bg after:

The girls love their shorter hair.  Chloe was so silly last night and kept saying things like, "This is the first time I have worn pajamas with short hair!"  "This is the first time I have eaten pizza with short hair!"  "This is my first time sitting in this chair with short hair!"  She also had several imaginary conversations that she was going to have with family/friends that are going to be totally SHOCKED by her new appearance.

I got a FB message last night that the dog that tried to attack me a few weeks ago and ran over and killed.  I know this sounds heartless but I am glad that I can now run in town without fear of this dog (or let my girls ride their bikes too!).  I was NOT the first person this dog has tried to bite, yet the night it came after me, the owner swore he didn't know how the dog got loosed and acted like it was an isolated incident, but obviously it was loose yet again last night to get ran over.

I did do a 4 mile run.  I have been reading The Hungry Runner Girl blog and am always amazed at her speed.  But then I realized after reading her blog that she isn't afraid to really push herself and is uncomfortable after some practices.  I don't like to push myself but realize I am not going to get faster if I just half do it in practice.  It wasn't as fast as my 5K race speed, but I did try to push myself more.  I thought I was flying my 1st mile, but it was slower than I thought. 

Mile 1: 8:39
Mile 2: 9:18
Mile 3: 9:55
Mile 4: 9:55

I know I can do a 5K with less than 9 minute miles, so I really need to push myself while practicing to keep my miles around 8:45.  I changed my fitbit frequency on announcing miles to every half mile, so I know if I need to speed up or slow down in order to reach my goal mile time.

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