Monday, August 10, 2015

Busy Weekend

I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend and got MOST of them done, which is a rare occurrence.

My Friday goals were to take the girls school shopping.  It was tax free weekend, so I was worried the city would be a mad house, but it actually went way better than expected.  We got almost everything needed.

Saturday's to-do list:
Can tomatoes
Grocery Store

I needed to get a loooong run in Saturday, as it was only 4 weeks until my next half.  The morning was actually somewhat cool, with a thunderstorm rolling in.  Perfect running weather.  I started off strong, planning to get 10 miles in.  My first 4 miles were a decent pace:
1: 8:40
2: 9:16
3: 9:05
4: 9:58
5: 11:02- At mile 5, I ran into my friend Somer and stopped to chat a minute.  I told her I wanted to run at least 2 more miles and then I would walk with her.  I took off again and my back started to hurt, which is normal and I can usually run my way out of the pain.  But not this time.  Oh my gosh, my back hurt SO bad.  I didn't want to cause further injury, so I stopped to walk a minute and tried to run again.  OUCH.  Nope, wasn't happening.  I was beyond frustrated and walked the 3/4 mile back to my car.  Somer happened to be by the car and encouraged me to try to walk.  So, I finished walking another 5 miles, which I am SO glad I did, as walking did not bother my back and seemed to help the pain diminish some.  But I am not kidding when I said we walked SLOW.
6: 16:54
7: 18:34
8: 18:11
9: 17:46
10: 18:22

At least I got the miles in.  I tried a GU energy gel at mile 4.  The flavor was okay, but I do not like the texture. 
 I had bought these honey stinger bars a few weeks ago and keep forgetting to try one.  I ate this after my run/walk and it was good.  Definitely will buy more to eat before races for energy.
After I got home I tackled my tomatoes.  Boiled, skinned, blended, cooked, canned and processed.  I made 8 pints of spaghetti sauce, which doesn't seem like much, but it was about 36 tomatoes.
It wasn't on my too do list, but my car was covered in fresh oil from my road, so I decided I really needed to clean that off.  I scrubbed and rubbed and got all the oil off one side of the car before deciding to move on to my to-do list.  The white stuff is the cleaner.
After I mowed and picked MORE tomatoes from my garden.  I got about another 40 tomatoes.  Sigh...
I didn't make the library or grocery store.
Sunday goals:
Can more tomatoes
Make and deliver casserole to coworker
Shave hogs
Send off the girls hair
Print 4-H report forms
Fill out princess pageant form for Chloe
It doesn't look like I accomplished much on Sunday, but I really did.  I had nursery at church Sunday morning and then I had to run to Wal-Mart to get more car cleaner and go to the grocery store that I missed on Saturday.  I got home, cooked chicken, canned 5 pints of chili base and made lunch.  While the chili base was simmering, I finished cleaning all the oil off the paint and wheels.  There is still oil on the plastic base on the door, but it wasn't coming off easily.
I delivered the casserole and came home to shave pigs.  It took a bit longer than I expected to coax the hogs into the trailer where I planned to wash them before shaving them.  After like 45 minutes, they were in the trailer and washed off.  I cleaned out their water tank while they ate and put my chili base in the pressure canner.  It was around 6:45 and I realized the girls needed baths and supper, I needed to clean up my kitchen and I forgot to charge the electric shaver, so I let the pigs out and will try to shave Thursday night.

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