Friday, August 14, 2015

Shaving pigs and new shoes

Yes, you read that right!  I shaved pigs last night.  I didn't get a picture of it, but picture me in the front of a stock trailer with two 250 pound hogs and an electric razor. It was a lot of fun.  I didn't finish, as my razor drained power pretty quickly.  I need to finish on Saturday in preparation for the fair next week. 

Speaking of the State Fair, I found this meme yesterday and thought it was very appropriate for the Missouri State Fair!

I got a new pair of running shoes today too!  I know, I just bought a new pair of Asics a few weeks that I love, but these Brooks Ghost 7 were on sale for a great price and I have been wanting to try Brooks for a while.  I am wearing them around the office today to see if I like the fit.  So far so good!
I need to do a long run tomorrow, so I may wait for a short run next week before I hit the road with them.  Ignore my crab socks.
Have you ever had one of those moments where you order something off the menu because it looks delicious but then it looks less than awesome when you get that?  I had that experience at Sonic earlier this week.  What I ordered versus what I got:
It has been a busy week (aren't all weeks busy?).  Chloe's kindergarten teacher came over for supper Monday night.  Tuesday was softball and I actually had good hits and decent fielding.  Softball sure uses different muscles and my quads are SORE!  We had Back to School night on Wednesday and I worked the PTL table.  We had cookies at our table to encourage parents to stop by and I may have eaten a couple parents share of cookies. 

I did a 3.75 mile run on Wednesday evening.  I started off slow as my legs were very sore from softball.  However, I didn't turn on my tracker correctly and didn't realize my mistake until 1.25 miles, so I have no clue how fast the first mile was.  I realized I was going way too slow and sped it up but it wasn't the best pace:
Mile 1.25: no idea
1.25-2.25: 10:02
2.25-3.25: 9:36 ( I ran the first half mile in over 10 minutes, so I trucked it the 2nd half)
3.25-3.75: 8:53 pace

I will be at the State Fair most of next week and not sure when or how I will get my running in.  I have a half in a little over 3 weeks, so I really need the miles!!!

I want to do this after my next half to help me increase speed for some 5K's I am doing:

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