Monday, August 3, 2015

Lake fun!

I got a wonderful text from a friend wondering if we wanted to do a kids free couples weekend last week.  YES!  However, we couldn't find baby sitters, so it ended up being a family weekend.  I met these 3 girls at 4-H camp YEARS ago (we were probably 8 or 9).  They had all grown up together and have been friends since they were babies.  I lived in a different town, but we still saw each other several times a year at camp, fairs and livestock shows.  I am so glad we are still friends and the best part...our kids are all friends!!!

Naked tomatoes!  I skinned more tomatoes last night in preparation for more salsa and pizza sauce tonight.
One of the favorite things I have about working next to the high school- listening to the marching band practice!  They are small though!
I walked about 5 miles with my friend Meghan last night.  Meghan is one of the gals from church that got me into this running things.  Meghan walks about as fast as I run, so we walked our 5 miles.  I don't know why, but it kills me to walk.  My legs were on fire when we finished!

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