Monday, August 24, 2015

2015 Missouri State Fair

Ahhh...the Missouri State Fair.  I have SO many wonderful memories of showing hogs and cattle at the state fair growing up.  This year was the first year my girls were able to show and I have to say, I was pretty darn excited!

We went down with our gilts (young, single lady pigs) Wednesday night and unloaded them, along with our friends daughter's gilt.  Our friends had to leave, but we got to stay and camp! 

My sister and youngest niece came to the fair on Thursday to hang out and help out.  We started off by feeding the pigs, checking them in, weighing in Kale's gilt (ours were purebred and didn't need to weigh).  We spent time at the carnival, but poor Bg was too little to ride any of the fun rides!

Friday was SHOW DAY!!!!!  I was a bit nervous, as pigs today don't quite look the pigs I showed.  We went for long and lean; today you want thick and big bellied.  My pigs were still somewhat lean in comparison to some other gilts.  Chloe showed first.  And....she got 5th out of 18!  She was in a tough class as well, as 3 pigs from her class got selected to go to the breed sale (out of a small # of eligible hogs).  Bg didn't do quite as well, but she still place 7 out of 13.  I was a happy mama!


We went to a small circus Friday night and they needed a volunteer.  Guess whose hand shot up first???

I was great.  Best circus volunteer EVER!  A checkmark on my bucket list.  If I disappear, you know where to find me.

Here is a goofy picture of my sister and me:

And this is running blog, so I should post about running except, I haven't run in over a week!  Last week was so crazy with the state fair.  I was in the camper alone with the girls for 3 days, so I had no one to watch them to run and I was exhausted Saturday and Sunday.  I play a double header in softball the next two nights and we have tickets to see the Royals on Wednesday night. 

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